And we start with day 3 – which is a Saturday.  Very nice outside again… low 70s, clear skies and oh so sunny!  Today’s adventure – Olde Towne, Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs, and the Memorial and lighthouse out on the end of the point….


Let’s start out the day with a walk just a few blocks away to a Farmer’s Market in the parking lot of the high school down the street…. And hey, fresh snap peas, tomatoes, carrots, peppers…. Lots of good stuff.  WE spent a little money and brought home some nice produce for our meals.

1 18 ot church

Then off to Olde Town, the original part of San Diego.  NO problem getting there, but oh my, the parking situation!  The weekend is always a busy time there, so all the lots were full.  We ended up parking a handful of blocks away from the area, but the walk was good and the weather pleasant enough to allow a longer walk.  We walked through an outdoor market of sorts… but much to our surprise, it was all trinkets and crafts … we had expected more fresh vegetables, but that was not to be….

1 18 ot restaurant stairway

We walked through the neighborhood…. Craft shops, Mexican items, mostly…. Restaurants, and a street or two of buildings that functioned as a museum of the area – how people lived back in the day, stuff like that.  Into an old church, and a livery stable that displayed all kinds of carts and wagons of the day, including stage coaches from the Wells Fargo line, and some info about the Pony Express.

1 18 ot steeple

Lunch was a nice Mexican restaurant – carnitas, rice, refried beans … the usual fare.  It was quite good.  We walked back to the car and took off for Point Lomas.


So our first stop was Sunset cliffs – and oh my, what a place for watching the ocean.  Wilma has always loved the water, so this place really hit the gold for her.  We parked the car atop one of the cliffs and started walking south along the road.  Lots of signs sayings “Stay Away from the Cliffs”… unstable, etc….. The walls of the cliffs are clearly vulnerable to weather – a great many signs of erosion from both wind and water.  Rocks at the foot of the cliffs as well – black, big rocks – edges worn dull by the water, but edges nonetheless.   There’s a sidewalk along the road, but there are also posts and guard rails and cables preventing anyone from coming too awfully near the edge…


Not that that stopped everyone.  Paths were visible where folks had worn the grass into a trail leading to the edge of the cliffs for ultimate viewing.  In some places, the cliffs were sheer drops down to the rocks, in other places, it was a bit sloped allowing us to walk down to the rocks and the water’s edge.


We walked a good long way – from the car we headed south, aiming for a large point where several people had gathered.  I walked down the slopes at times, taking pictures… Wilma passed on such adventures – her knees not always feeling friendly about such work … Surfers, bathers, and tourists like us populated the cliffs, not to mention the joggers and bikers who were out for a pleasant athletic venture of their own.



The point – our goal in the distance – was a good mile and a half away, I’d say.  Wilma had taken the car keys in case I fell off a cliff (that’s her conservative nature ….) …  about halfway to our goal of that point a good chunk away, I suggested that I go back to the car and drive it to the point, saving us having to walk back…. Wilma continued south, I returned to the car, taking pictures as I went.


Wouldn’t you know that I got more than halfway back to the car and I realized Wilma had the keys…. So I turned around – and there she was in the distance, striding away from me as planned…. Those keys… I needed those keys… AH HA! I said to myself… I could call her on the cellphone and have her wait… luck of all luck, we had no signal right there at the beach, so I ended up pounding back to her, catching up with her just as she got to the point… well, we had a good laugh when I told her the situation.  We walked back to the car – a long walk by now, since we were tired and our legs could tell we had walked a ways…. Next goal: drive to the end of Point Loma to see the Memorial and the view from up on the point and by the lighthouse.


Unfortunately, as we neared the gate to the park at the end of the land, we came upon a long line.  We at in line for a while, noticing that other cars were turning around and abandoning their place in line…. Eventually we did the same and headed back to town.  Point Loma Lighthouse would have to wait for another day.