I find it so frustrating taking a flight on an airplane.  They tell me it’s for my own safely.  They tell me we need to stem terrorism.  They … well, you know.  So, because of all this,  I go through the security line where I have to pack my liquid toiletries in a clear bag, I have to take my shoes and belt off, I have to be scanned one way or another – all of which raises an unnecessary stress level in me.  So maybe I should  be a good boy and accept it.


Yet, I cannot just ‘drop  it’.  We have a constitutional right to unreasonable search and seizures… so I ask you  — is it unreasonable to search an 80-year-old lady?  Is it unreasonable to search a 6-year-old  child?  I understand the need of the level of security on our airlines, but are we pushing it some?


And interestingly enough, some of the same people who are strong gun advocates (you can take my gun when you pry it out of my cold dead hands….) and so vehemently fight for that gun ownership right are so ready to accept this whole airplane search thing.  End of Rant.


Heard a great concert on a HUGE pipe organ on Sunday.  4500+ pipes, four manuals, full pedals, 74 stops… where would you expect to find this organ?  In a large church somewhere?  A theatre?  Nope, this bugger is actually outside – the pipes and workings are in a pavilion, protecting such from the weather.  The console/keyboard is housed in a room off to the side.  At concert time, the console is rolled out onto the stage and a large door – like a large rolling venetian blind – opens, revealing the pipes.


The concert was a good hour long… some music by Rutter, Mendelssohn, C.P.E. Bach and a bunch of others – and the organist did a fine, fine job!  We sat in the front row of the outside concert venue, listening and vibrating along with the music.  Such fine organ stuff!


You’ll hear more later…. Stay warm, folks.