This week found me back at bowling — 194, 204, and 152 for an even 550 series; second highest of the year … and of my life.  I can’t figure out why the Gods of Bowling do this to me: you’d figure when I bowl week after week, I’d get a consistent performance factor – but no, I would deteriorate week by week, maybe retaining my average, or losing a point here and there.


But then, there comes a break – this time it was a three-week break over Christmas/New Year’s season.  I got the scores I mentioned after that break…. And the same thing happened at the beginning of the year when my scores for my first two weeks found 3 games over 200… go figure!  Maybe I should just bowl every other week…


The cold temperatures have broken – and I think Wilma and I felt the effects of that cold session of several days starting with mornings at twenty below or worse attitude.  Have you heard of Cabin Fever?  I am quite sure we had Cabin FLU…. Sure hope it never gets to Cabin Pneumonia.


My dad would have been 94 this week….he’s been gone since 1991, but his influence is still there.  I wrote a poem a few years ago and I think it is still one of the better ones I’ve done…… I share it here….




Dad would sit at the kitchen table,

Light up a smoke, sip his coffee

Look out the north window and start in…

“The Wrens’re back – gotta put up their houses.

Lotsa Evenin’ Grosbeaks this year.

Orioles are singin’ out behind the g’rage.

Gotta put out more suet for the Nuthatches.

Jeez, them mean Grackles and Jays

Are scarin’ the others away.”


Late afternoons, he’d say,

“Let’s go check out the yard.”

And he’d look, not very hard,

Finding nests all around.

“There’s a mama Robin on her nest

‘bout twelve branches up this pine.  See it?”

I usually didn’t but said I did.

He’d push back branches in the hedges,

Find an acorn-shaped nest of a yellow-green Warbler

He’d mutter and wink, “Amazing – so small.”


Come fall, He’d take me Partridge hunting.

Walk the rock ridges north of town

He’d point out soaring Cooper’s Hawks

Juncos on the ground

And surmise why the Canadian Geese were strangely still around.

He’d spot Bald Eagles high in a dead tree

Marvel and gasp at their high flight.


Then I was older, I had my own yard

With wire-roosted Cardinals, Bluebirds and Wrens.

We talked on the phone one June night

He asked, “You still got them Bluebirds?  They don’t come up north.”

“They’re here, Dad.” I said.

“Well, take care of them Bluebirds”, then he hung up the line.


He died the next day; I had had my last session.

I hear all the birds, dad.

Thanks for the lesson.


And on now to my last thought of the week….



GOLDEN GLOBE NIGHT – I always watch and enjoy these affairs

Thought one — on the preview show, Matt Lauer looked creepy.

Thought two – Jaqueline Bissette; babble huh?

Thought three…there was a commercial from which was all about heroic women of the past year, but you know what? Not a SINGLE Kardashian.

Thought four – Amy Adams is SO good – and so gorgeous… and she has Minnesota ties! (Chanhassen Dinner Theatre – we saw her in GOOD NEWS).
Thought five – Amy P as Mr. Golden Globe was a stroke of genius from her and Tina!
Thought six – Melissa McCarthy as Matt Damon? That was FUNNY!
Thought seven – Michael Douglas manages to be old school and new school Hollywood all at the same time.

Thought seven…. Emma Thompson does her bit … and throws shoes and drinks and has a ball. She’s FUN.
Thought eight – nice collection of WOODY ALLEN movies… and some true sweetness from Diane Keaton in his honor.
Thought nine – GRAVITY as best director … over Capt. Phillips and American Hustle? Okay, but then I didn’t think ARGO should have won last year either
Thought ten – Leonardo did a great job as the lead in WOLF OF WALL STREET – but hey, that character maybe needn’t be glorified. Nice speech, though, too.
Thought eleven – American Hustle wins …okay, I can see it….
Thought twelve – Did Kate Blanchett actually say ‘assemble and ensemble’ after several vodkas?
Thought thirteen (and the last) – pretty nice show with some odd moments.