Paint Salvador Dali’s ‘melted clock’ on the garage door.

Catch a fish bigger than me.

Bake anything at all – and it must be edible.

Restore a 1939 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.

Eat a three-pound hamburger.

Hitchhike from home to Winnipeg and back in 3 days.

Remove my own appendix.  (Yes, I still have it…..)

Use a new word every day that starts with the letter X.

Translate at least three works of Mark Twain into Sanskrit.

Stay up and watch the stars every night until a piece of Russian space debris falls into my yard.

Grow one of those plants that blossoms once every seven years and smells like dead flesh when it blooms.

Create a new cologne for men based on grass clippings and gasoline and sell it as “EAU D’LAWN”.

And the one I intend to keep:

Be fruitful.

There’s that Biblical phrase we hear about ‘Go ye therefore, be fruitful and multiply”.  Wilma and I are done multiplying – we’ve replaced ourselves… me with our son and Wilma with our daughter – meaning we multiplied by one.  That leaves being fruitful.

Being fruitful means that there will be little or no weeds.  Whatever I plant needs to be productive – and that can be words or actions.  I know I will get upset about things and spew forth a few negative things, but the goal is to clearly be so much more fruitful than destructive.

So I’ll leave it at that … I resolve to be fruitful as best I can.

‘Nuff said.