It’s gonna get frigging cold.

It’s gonna get frigging hot.

Somebody important is going to die.

Something really stupid will happen in Texas.

Something even stupider will happen where we don’t expect it.

Someone will find a new way to recycle something common that will really be smart.

There will be a YouTube video of teeth that will go viral.

There will be a really weird storm – snow in Guam comes to mind.

Prices will change dramatically (either up or down – or both) for some really nutso product.

There will be a movie that will be a big huge surprise/moneymaker at the box office.

Some scientist will declare coffee good for you… or bad for you…. Again.

A new political leader will arise in Europe.  He/She will be bald.

A new diet will become terribly successful – and then just bomb when someone famous dies from it.

A new species of bees will be found in Wisconsin.  I want to say they thrive on cheese, but I don’t dare.

Something will get stuck somewhere that we don’t expect…. Like a plane in midair….

Some cute kid will sing something great on British TV, but this time no one will notice or care.

The lyrics of the no. 1 pop song of the year will deal with a country-western singer and a giraffe.

Another invention will be anticipated as world-changing – and will make the Segway look good.

Some kind of food will surpass bacon as the supreme food.

Someone who has been out of the public eye for decades will reappear… but not Jimmy Hoffa.


­­­Now, if you have something to say about this list, go ahead… but then write your own predictions, too, so we can all roll our eyes at those, too.