Christmas is done, and here comes New Year’s Eve and then, of course, 2014…. And somehow I managed to only do 51 weeks for the year 2013…. And you’re nuts if you think I’m going to go back and find out why.  I suspect it has to do with this last week being a partial week, with the New Year coming on a Wednesday.  So here we go with my last entry of the year.




Monday – we took off at 8 am for Indiana to spend Christmas with Wilma’s mother.  We drove through the Twin Cities, then into Wisconsin and got as far as Rochelle, Illinois, where we took a motel room.  The roads were not so bad – but there clearly was lots of fresh snow throughout Wisconsin, and there were a few traffic slowdowns in the Cities, but hey, we made it…. And the new van?  Not bad at all… we had been quite disappointed with the mileage on the thing with our first few tanks – even on long trips over highways, we got 20 and 18 mpg, which is no good in our minds … but now, we got just over 24 mpg on the way down… and got into 26 mpg on the way back, so maybe we’re learning the quirks of this particular van.




Anyway, supper in Rochelle at a truck stop kind of restaurant – and what a buffet they had!  Meat and potatoes type stuff all around and lots of it.  Back to sleep in the motel and then we were back on the road heading for Indiana by 7 am…. Good roads, and good time.  We even tried a new route through Indianapolis, saving us having to drive past the very busy airport roads and through downtown Indy…




There were with Mother-in-law – and went to Christmas Eve service at her church.  Her church of choice is a free church – no liturgy, no organ in sight at all, all the music is accompanied w/ grand piano, drums, guitar, harmonica – whatever is available.  No hymnals in the pews – all the songs were projected on screens on either side of the auditorium… (I hesitate to call it an altar… there’s not a whole lot there set up to make it seem like an altar)…. It was a short and sweet service – done in 40 minutes, complete with communion.  Back to the house and a nice suppertime.




Christmas day brought Wilma’s sister and family to mother-in-law’s for supper and presents.  We ate well, had a good time visiting and playing cards … and suddenly the holiday was done.




I had had some phone problems, so I expected a new phone to arrive there – and it did on Tuesday.  I got to a dealer, they helped me set it up, and I got the older phone sent back.  The new one is working fine, and charging well, which the old one wasn’t doing.  I hope the company (I don’t want to say what company …but it starts with a V, ends with an N and has ERIZO in the middle….) accepts it, since the lady at the store who initially helped me and the customer service person assured me that would be the case.  If not, I will take steps….




Thursday – into Indianapolis to see a few sights… the highlight was a HUGE warehouse that had been turned into quite the antique shop/mall.  We didn’t buy anything… then back to sister’s house for pizza.


Friday – Wilma and I took off to the next town to the east and hit a few antique shops… and found a fun little item.  I don’t want to reveal it here, since I will be using it as a gift for someone….




Saturday – up an on the road at 4 am, Central Standard Time…. And by golly, we drove all day long, pulling into our driveway at 5 pm … a 13 hour run, complete with a few gas stops, a breakfast and lunch stop, and one potty stop.  We share the driving, so we each are pretty much fine when we reach the end of such a journey… we’ll do it again, I’m sure…..




So endeth the first year of TAKING IT UP TO SIXTY.  I made it all the way.  To the small handful of readers, thank you.  I hope you were entertained…. And I don’t know if I’ll keep it up into 2014 — -it has been suggested I do so.  We’ll see.