Snow.  I don’t care how much Bing and Dan and the girls sing about it in WHITE CHRISTMAS, please make it go away!  I have shoveled snow, pulled it down from the roof, used the snowblower on it, unpiled it from the heap in the corner of the driveway, swept it of the steps – the only thing I haven’t done is make it GO AWAY.  Yes, I know.  Shut up and live with it.


I ended up having to accept the fact that I would only be getting Wilma a rather mundane Christmas present…  I tried hard to arrange something, but I won’t say what in this location in case she reads it – let it be said, though, she would have liked it.


Bowling.  Eh.  Dropped another pin.  Two weeks off and we’re back at in January.  Maybe I’ll do better.

Wednesday night I went Christmas caroling with the gang at church.  An invitation to all congregation members was dealt, so we ended up with over 100 folks out there … Got a little cold, but it was quite fun to ride a trailer and sing carols with my groups … there were at least 4 other groups that hit different parts of the neighborhood…. It was fun.

So the big plan was to leave and head for Mother-in-la’ws for Christmas on Friday.  I woke up not feeling well, and hey, there was ice and crap falling all over the road on the way there, so we delayed our leave until Monday the 23rd…. We’ll get there.  But this sure doesn’t enhance any positive impression of winter weather……

So that gave us Saturday to kill…. We took in AMERICAN HUSTLE, the movie with Ben Cooper and Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence and the bunch… quite interesting – perhaps a bit long – I can’t necessarily see it as academy award-winning, but that’s just me.  But a few things:  Amy Adams sure had put together an interesting stable of characters that she’s played – a princess, a budding stewardess, a wanna be chef, a beauty contestant, a novitiate…. And it doesn’t hurt that she has the biggest prettiest blue eyes this side of almost everybody with blue eyes…. Jennifer Lawrence looks like she could be the next one like Amy A, putting together a career of amazing dimension…. This is no HUNGER GAMES JENNIFER in this movie!


And enough of that…. On now to CHRISTMAS!!!  May yours be Merry!!