My whole purpose of this blog was to get to my sixtieth birthday – which I did on December 6.  Well, in all honesty, I’m having a bit of a problem getting into writing this one— mostly because my goal is accomplished… but I shall sally forth, making myself be somewhat verbal…

Bowling found me dropping one more point.  I have one more session before Christmas break, so I hope I can bring it up a point or two and go into 2014 with a solid 165 average.  That means a 500 series for sure.  The happy thing is that I enjoy my afternoon of bowling…. Good people, good fun, and I’m doing something I’m not so bad at.

Thursday night I went to my former school’s elementary Christmas program.  The present teacher (my successor) and I had talked last spring about Alfred Burt – a guy in Michigan who wrote his own Christmas carols that served as his family Christmas cards… and between us, we fashioned a show that featured his carols, some of which have become quite well-known.  CAROLING, CAROLING and THE STAR CAROL and SOME CHILDREN SEE HIM.  The kids did a nice job – and the big change was this: in my time, the Christmas program was an all-school event, with every kid in kindergarten through fifth grade out on the floor.  This year, the show has been split – that’s a big step.

Friday it was a chance to mix with my poet friends as we had a small Christmas get-together.  Lots of food, including Shepherd’s pie, chili, a chili casserole, and lots of desserts.  There was an exchange of white elephants gifts, which is always fun – the list included a yellow duck windmill (my take-home prize) a fur hat, books, a box of tea, pictures, and such.  It was a fun time.

Saturday was concert time – the local adult choir, the LEGACY CHORALE of GREATER MINNESOTA, did their concert in the local auditorium.  Wilma and I have sung with the group over the years – we chose to sit out this year.  Anyway, the concert was pretty standard – I’ve heard them do better.

Then that evening it was back out to my former school for another concert; this time a pretty dang special one.  Four high school choirs, two community choirs, a community chamber orchestra and a high school orchestra combined to do a performance of Vivaldi’s GLORIA.  It is so very special to see my former students and teachers in such a performance.  I was thrilled to watch them put this altogether.  It was a real treat – a real good time – and very edifying.

And so we head into the week before Christmas.  Wilma and I will be heading out to her mom’s place soon.  More Christmas to come, more seasonal joy —