Week 47

We’re at the week — on Friday, I’ll be sixty years old and ready to roll on into the next decade of my life… and you’re asking, what did this week bring?

First of all, I finished the project I started.  There was a challenge online to upload an item every day to my blog for the entire month of November.  I made it, with a bit of a cheat.  My entry for Nov. 30 covers my thoughts on that.

Bowling this week… another slightly under average effort.  No big deal.

Family was the center of the week – which is no big surprise at all, since it was Thanksgiving on Thursday.  I started the holiday myself by going to the Congregational Church for their Thanksgiving Eve service – nice and ordinary, the usual American Hymns (We Gather Together…etc etc) and pie after the service.  I enjoyed the company of several friends from my own church, since the two churches combined efforts for this service… always a good time.

Thanksgiving Day itself found some time for Wilma and I to have a nice dinner together.  COSTCO sold us a very nice stuffed turkey breast dinner with a cranberry glaze that was amazingly satisfying …. Wilma added some asparagus and some rice, and we had a very nice Thanksgiving meal for ourselves.  Later that night, our son and his special lady joined us – they stayed overnight.  The next morning we headed south to celebrate what my sisters and I (and our whole families….) THANKSCHRISTGIVINGMAS … we have seldom had the chance to get together on Christmas over the years, so we decided to combine the two – and we’ve been doing so for 17 years now….

Now for the fun surprise.  Our daughter flew in from New York to surprise everyone — EXCEPT us… we picked her up at the airport and then drove the rest of the way, conniving on how we would get her into the house, fully surprising everyone … as we got closer to the house, she dived into the back of the van and stayed down.  We went into the house, did our greetings, and after about five minutes, we announced that it was time to head out to get more food and some other things… which gave her the prime chance to sneak up on the house.  WE barely had our stuff out of the car – she dashed to the house, staying low — we didn’t get to see their faces as she entered the kitchen, but we certainly heard the shouts and screams of joy upon seeing her…it was a worthy prank to pull….

Then the festivities … turkey dinner, complete with all the fixings, ready to eat for all 18 of us, I believe it was.  We looked like a Norman Rockwell painting, if I say so myself…. following that, it was Christmas present time — we swap silly ‘white elephant’ type gifts, and this year was just as silly…. a wine bottle cork with fishnet stocking legs, a bag full of balls, silly kinds of candy (when is the last time you had FIZZIES?) …. and so it goes…. then some fine visiting and more fun and games… a hotel room for us (our son, his girlfriend, our daughter and us) for the night, but then back to the house for a great breakfast.  What a wonderful time!

We left for home after breakfast, taking a shortcut into St. Paul, where we stopped in on our daughter’s sister in law’s house … we had never met her – very nice…. father in law was there, too.  After some visiting, off to lunch we went at one of the Mexican places in the neighborhood … we ate, visited, and said our goodbyes.  We were back in town by early evening.

So that meant we had our daughter to ourselves for the first time in a long time…. Sunday morning church and then brunch with some good friends, then we took in THE HUNGER GAMES:CHASING FIRE… (review to come later….maybe…) and we’re due to bring her back to the airport Monday, which promises snow …lots of it.

Can we move to a southern climate, dear?  Soon?

It was a good family week …. and I’m looking forward to my sixtieth birthday coming up …. stay tuned….