I made it…. I got something posted for every day in November – although I had to cheat a bit and post the last three on Thanksgiving Day.  I consider that as fulfilling the conditions of the whole project.

I wrote some poems.  I wrote lots of essays.  Some of them are pretty weak, and some of them are not half bad if I say so myself.

And it wasn’t so nasty when you consider that I had already planned for something on every Monday and Friday of the month…. Mondays is my usual journal-posting day, so there’s four days out of the way.  I used four Fridays for my JFK assassination story.  That left me 22 days to cover.

There are political essays.  There are movie and play reviews.  There are weak attempts at humor. I commented on historical things, on our cats – and I usurped my sisters’ words about our mother’s death that occurred 17 years ago.  I did use a few of the prompts from NaBloPoMo, but I resisted doing that – it almost seemed to be cheating – at least as much as me posting three in one day to make up for the travel we’re doing here shortly….. and a good many personal reflections on some things that may be goofy to some important personal things.

I have enjoyed the writing.  I enjoyed the challenge.  I had some feedback on some of the pieces, but that wasn’t the reason I wrote them.  There was little editing in any of the pieces – and perhaps I’ll go back and clean them up at a later time – Nah, probably not.

I have picked up a few more ‘followers’ throughout the month, and have followed some of them right back …. That’s another fun thing about this project.  Thanks to those who bothered to read and respond.

I greet December and may or may not accept more writing challenges like this…. Let’s get into 2014 and see what happens.