NaBloPoMo for Nov. 26, 2013

The Wright Brothers experimented for years and years to develop their very shaky first successful ‘heavier than air’ flying machine.  They tested, they developed step-by-step experiments, they thought through their work.  They tried models, they invented the wind tunnel, they made advances slowly.  When they finally achieved powered flight, it was a little bubble on the news wire of the day.

And yet, despite their advances, people still said, “If man was meant to fly, God would have given them wings.”.

It even took the military several years to decide to buy the Wright machine – at first, they saw no real application for it as a military asset.  Part of that was a stubborn military, and part weak marketing skills by the Wright Brothers.

Clearly, the military establishment took awhile to accept what became a game changing tool in their arsenal.  The public, too, despite their thoughts centering around the unnatural sense of flying, learned that the time for aviation had come.

And so what does have to do with the health care act?  Allow me to make a connection here.  (By the way, call it Obamacare or health care act, I mean the same thing….)

We do have those who say that the government has no business in the health industry.  But I have to wonder if that’s like the guy who belonged to the group that said, “If man were meant to fly….”  Well, maybe some form of regulated health care time has indeed come.

And I say to those who are advancing the cause of the Health Care Act  – Your product may be wonderful, but you’re also running out of feet to shoot yourself in.  Your marketing notions took priority over making sure the product was ready to go … making sure that what you said would match what you got.    The back pedaling that has happened is a result of rushing the product – maybe of not being quite as careful as the Wright Brothers in the testing and designing … Can you imagine  how history would have been changed if Orville and Wilbur had boasted of their work before they actually flew?  I’m afraid this is the mistake that has been made …. Marketing ahead of product.

So, am I saying “Back to the Drawing Board”?  I don’t think so.  Like I said, I think we’re entering a stage where we recognize that some form of health care regulation is necessary.    It is time for the naysayers and the advocates to drop the attitude and make this all work… and if that means reworking the law, then fine.  If that means coming at it at a different angle, then fine.  Neither side is correct: the health care act as we see it going into effect is not what we were told by its advocates – and it is not the satanic horrible deal that its opponents claim.

So, everybody back up some.  We have an aging citizenry – we have large health problems of all sorts facing us.

I do believe it is time to face that our health care system (which has served us so unevenly over the last half century) be fixed…. And I would love it to be based on the Wright Brothers system of thoughtful work and testing, carefully building the thing until it words just good enough to fly.  It can be improved from there….

And I have this warning – if we keep at the backbiting we’re seeing from both sides these days, we’ll get what we have asked for.  If we keep fighting over who is right, we just won’t get anywhere.

So what do you want for all this backbiting and blaming?  An EDSEL?