And we’re getting there … I will hit 60 on Friday of next week, so the anticipation is growing .. at least for me. 

A good friend lost his father to cancer this week … and another friend’s mother died recently… and another friend’s dad died at the same time as the mother … so it is getting to the point that I don’t want to answer the phone.

Bowling was a bit of a sub par performance this week … lost a point on my average, and for a team that took first place last year, we’re slipping further and further down the standings every week.  I guess it sort of comes from me bowling so stupidly well those first two weeks — my average is a bit high for what I can maintain, maybe – at the same time, I would love to maintain that average.  The bowling team also got new shirts — the old ones were blue printing on white, these new ones are white printing on black … thank you Bridge of Harmony!!  We will continue to carry your name with pride as we stride down the lane and smack down those pins.

Friday night I was back up to Pequot Lakes to video tape another version of OLIVER.  An exciting instance:  as I sat there sitting on the steps ‘way up in the back, the person sitting in the back row of seats in front of me turned around – and it was a former student – Juanita!  I hadn’t seen her in quite a long time – it was so very good to see her and get caught up with her activities.  Her mom was a teacher in the school when I first started teaching, so I watched Juanita grow up through those school years – and here she was again.  Such a treat to run into such folks.

Saturday morning found Wilma and me driving up to Moorhead to see our son and to see his stage design for the play URINETOWN as produced by Concordia College.  We truly enjoyed and energetic, vibrant performance – the faculty has gone through some changes, which always creates a few bumps in the road – but I’d say that the bumps have been smoothed over – this show is strong evidence of that.  Yesterday’s post is a short review of this very well done show.

We took the new van up there –  we’re hoping to find that the mileage is better than our first two tanks of gas …. We’ll be watching that.  I have an appointment for tomorrow to put in a remote starter – that’s always a good plus up here in the Great White North.

After church on Sunday, our choir got together for an afternoon of some fellowship, some lasagna, and a good time.  These folks are so very special to Wilma and me – always a delight, always so personable.  They are a big part of our lives.

And yes, the HP computer died.  We’ll be looking, so for now I’ll be using Wilma’s computer, upon which I have very limited resources of my own photos and files.  That’s the way it goes, I guess.

Bring on the next week….

(NaBloPoMo for Nov. 25, 2013)