Veterans’ Day was Monday – here’s my list of those who served:

Dad and his brothers Robert, Henry, Ray, Ken, Clifford (killed in WWII) and Donald (killed during Viet Nam)

Son in law Jon (presently serving)

Uncle Dan

Dan’s son Mike

Many fellow teachers at my school – some of whom still serve and are gone for a year at a time from family and job…. Jim, for example, has been deployed at least 3 times in the last decade…

Parents of so many students – so very many to list

Former students who have served or are serving – Jeff among the first of my students, Isaac among the last, and many in between.. including the ladies like Kara and Tami


Wilma and I traveled up to Pequot Lakes to see their production of OLIVER – and to video tape the show for them.  They deliver a very nice product up there – some very talented folks hit that stage time and time again so that when you go to a play there, you can count on it being good.  I’ll be returning again this week to video again on Friday.


One of my teaching friends who retired with me back in 2010 appeared in an independent movie that was shown this week in town.  Local actors, local production crew – the movie TILT is the story of a dad as he seeks to avenge his daughter’s rape – and how it all went wrong.  I was proud of my pal DAVE as he played the sheriff…. It was clearly an independent film – not a lot of Hollywood polish, but still some very good things about it.


Sunday at church was a big day – 50th anniversary of the church being at its present location.  Special moment: taking communion from former (and now retired) Pastor Brian Wermager.  I was emotional inside as I took my wafer and dipped it into the chalice he was holding, getting to hear his voice again saying “His blood shed for you”.  The service was nice – a kids choir, senior choir sang a nice Mozart piece, contemporary group fired it up a couple times – and Cory did some VERY nice organ music.  Follow that up with a fun dinner – former pastors, congregation members – fun comments from several – so good to see Pastors Bill Pohl (who officiated at our wedding), Dave Peterson, Laura Berdahl, Art Rimmereid and wife Charlotte and their daughter Anne, who is also a pastor … and then there were a good dozen members of the church who were around when the church was built back in 1963 – it is good to remember those times such as these…. They bind generations together, mortared with memories.


So into the week we go … less than a month to birthday no. 60, and I am looking forward to it…