What an absolutely quiet week!  Wilma did quite a bit of subbing so I was home doing some household chores and doing some writing – The writing has taken quite a bit of time, since I decided to accept the ‘Post in your Blog Every Day of November” challenge.  Some ideas have come easily, some not so much.  It is the eleventh, and I’ve been pretty serious so far – I do need to get some lighter stuff up as well as my political comments.

As I recall the week, there just isn’t much to report… a slightly substandard bowling day was maybe the low of the week …. And winning a photo contest (a local grocery store is looking to make calendars for 2014 – and I won the ‘all-around’ picture….) was a nice little surprise of the week.

We did get the bills for my eyelid surgery – and it has all worked out pretty much as planned… the deductible, the costs – and the results are quite good…. Pictures to follow sooner or later.

I would like to devote some space on this post to my good buddies in my Men’s Bible Study group at church.  I have been attending that group since I retired in 2010 … I’ve known the guys much longer than that, since we all attend the same church … let me introduce you … (I am making up names for privacy….)

The newest guy, BJ, is younger than the rest of us – makes his living in the ‘real world’ out there.  (The rest of us are retired teachers…) He started coming just this year, so that’s not been many sessions yet – maybe 10.  I don’t know much about him yet, but he is very willing to express his ideas – and very tech minded, what with his folding laptop and all…. Welcome to the group BJ.

Don is the next newest…. He’s Rob’s friend… and is the one in the group who doesn’t belong to our church.  He’s a very dedicated Christian, sharing his thoughts greatly … and prefers to use the KING JAMES VERSION for all his Bible Study.  He taught art, so he and I connect as teachers of the fine arts – also an active hunter.

I’m the next member in line — you know about me … or at least, enough about me…..

The other guys have been attending the group for a long long time…. some since the mid 60s, if not earlier….

Harmon is as good a guy as you’re gonna get.  He is a strong leader in the church and has dedicated himself to community work of all kinds.  Retired from education, he still values all that grew out of such a career for him.  I admire his service to church and community.  He has a fun little snicker that comes out at a good joke.

Paul is such a gregarious guy – takes his Bible time seriously, but will surely take a good humorous shot at any one of us…. He brings some aspects to the group that are fresh and personal.

I mentioned Rob as having brought Don into the group … Rob is a fine guy – heart attack survivor and a warm gentleman.  He is a pleasure to visit, and is almost as good as Paul at taking a good zing – and he enjoys a good laugh.

Dave is a bit of a change from the rest of us … he is of Canadian/Russian heritage, so he brings some very interesting stories to us.  You can bet he is also in the circle of enjoying a good laugh.

Our elder, Carl, is a retired college professor, so he brings a strong academic approach to the group.  He is well-traveled and shares those experiences, as well as his spiritual thoughts.

A typical day  – we take turns bringing in milk and juice for breakfast, and we’ve all pitched in some money to buy cereal… so that’s our breakfast.  The first ones there start the coffee and lay out bowls, silverware and napkins.  Occasionally, the milk guy of the week will bring some rolls or doughnuts – we enjoy conversation over breakfast (after saying Grace) and then clear the table.

Out come the Bibles – and with any luck, one of us has brought the bulletin from the previous Sunday, which has the Bible verses for the upcoming Sunday.  That becomes our points of study for the day.

There’s an old testament lesson, a new testament lesson, and then a selection from the Gospels to end the morning.  We read, discuss, and then end the session with a prayer.

All that’s left is the dishes, so out we go to the kitchen, wash up what we used, and put it away.

I look forward to my guys every Wednesday morning.  They are amazing.