NaBloPoMo for Nov. 6, 2013


Every Wednesday at about 12:30, I go to the closet, pull out my bowling bag and shoes and head over to the local bowling alley (Jack’s House) for my weekly date with the Wednesday Afternoon Senior Bowling League.  This is my third year with them – and I truly enjoy the time.


My team members:  There’s Frank, the retired guy originally from Rochester.  He’s gregarious, ready with a good word to everyone, ready to carry on a conversation about anything, and bowls a pretty nice game himself.  He’s had a knee replaced just before I met him, which slowed him down a bit, but he’s come through it nicely.


Then there’s Lois, a retired lady who drives a good 20 miles form the west.  She is a quiet lady, so I haven’t learned a whole lot about her – she has grandchildren, and she truly enjoys her bowling.  She has a fun little giggle she utters when she rolls a good one, and she is glad to share a high-five.


Mike is the third team member – and he’s unique.  I would but him at about 55 years old – and again, he is so very quiet.  He has special needs – not very verbal at all, sort of what we used to call ‘slow’ back in the day…but you know what?  He’s loyal, he bowls his best all the time (he’s not gonna hit over 125 very often) and he is respected by all the other teams.


We are sponsored by one of the local music stores: The BRIDGE OF HARMONY.  Owner Jon Luhrs has been with us since I asked him to sponsor the team 3 years ago- shirts included.

And to top it off, our team took first place last year, so I actually now have a trophy for an athletic pursuit!  How about that!!!


Every session begins with a ten minute practice session… all bowlers take some time to throw a few balls in that ten minutes, and then the president of the league gets up with a mike and makes a few announcements, hands out a few awards, and then we start.


It is a good day – at almost 60 years old, I’m one of the youngest there.  When I first started, there was a 94-year-old gentleman and his nearly as old wife bowling – and what a fun thing to see them pick up their ball, take a stance, and give it a roll down the lane!


The competition in this league is virtually zero – which is my kind of league.  I’ve seen some of the other leagues grow a real cutthroat culture of competition – not only as teams, but on individual levels – I just don’t need that.


Sadly, I cannot convince Wilma to join me at the lanes.  Maybe someday… maybe someday.