(NaBloPoMo entry for November 5) 


It will take me a chunk of paragraphs to get to the subject of the title, but hang in there.

I was one of the many who elected Jesse Ventura to be the governor of Minnesota.  I was one who was tired of the standard-issue politician; that guy in the suit. I was ready to see some change in how government ran.  I was ready to see stuff like that.

Jesse Ventura became our governor and gave me some of that.  Sadly, Jesse Ventura also had thin skin and ideas to match.  He saw the media as jackals, he saw opponents as less than intelligent, or to give him the benefit of the doubt, he saw them as uninformed.

He shocked the world.  There is no doubt of that.  He got a few things accomplished, some of which we enjoyed, some of which we are still paying for in ways that we don’t like.

These days, 10 years after he left the office of Governor of Minnesota, he espouses his ideals on the news channels.  His big thrust centers on how he is different because he has integrity.  He takes no money from special interest groups.  He tells it like it is.  You can see his sincerity as his eyes glare and his chin sets as he delivers his opinions.  You can see it as his legs bounce and his head shakes as his passion rises in his speech.


That whole integrity thing – oh yes, bring on the honesty, bring on the independence of one man’s thoughts.  No special interests pulling at your intentions by filling your wallet, are there, Governor Ventura?  Good and bravo for you indeed.  Integrity.  Sounds good to me.

Well, my dear former Navy Seal, your definition of integrity is too shallow for my tastes.

I have tired of your sour tones towards those who hold other opinions.  I have tired of your insistence – and arrogance – that you, and only you, have a corner on the truth.  I have tired of your insults and your attitude.  Integrity means honesty, yes… but it also means that you treat others with respect, regardless of what you think of them.

You have hinted about running for president in 2016, and have dropped the name of Howard Stern as your running mate, because he, too, is self-made and has no special interests to affect his thoughts, therefore deeming him with a large degree of that integrity you hold so dear.  Howard Stern, shock radio host.  Yeah.  Right.  Since when does integrity mean you team up with a guy who totally demeans an entire gender, who derides those who hold high standards of behavior and ethics?

To all others out there – elected and otherwise, and me included… lose the attitude, lose the arrogance.  Learn to listen, learn to cooperate, learn to make it work.  Integrity is so much more than so many of us think.