We start November with a flurry – and I don’t mean snow, thank God – at least not yet

… I registered to write a blog a day for the month of November, so I’ll be here more than usual.  I will keep up my Monday journal (like this one) and I’m putting out a short story in four chapters (on the Fridays of this month), and that means I have a good 22 more to do in some other way…. And I’m figuring I can do that.


But today is week 43 — so on with it….


Wilma and I took a pair of walks this week while the paths are still clear.  We did a 2 mile walk west of town out by some of our more premium golf courses… the Legacy and the Classic… a bit cool, but the trail goes along the golf courses, so there are a good many pleasing landscapes to see …. And photograph….

11 01 golf course walk 08

The second walk was north of town… not as long (1.5 miles) but it was on the absolutely flat Paul Bunyan trail up there in Merrifield.  The exercise is good, no doubt about it.


Bowling is still a mystery to me… my first two years of bowling, I ended each year at a 152 average… and this year, I’ve been just rockin’ it like it was 1999.  (Anybody catch on to that allusion?)  I figured that the freakin’ good start was an aberration and that my average would drop sufficiently in just a few weeks…well, here we are into week 7 for me, and I’m at a 168 average with 3 games over 200 already… and I had just two in the first two years each.  Unbelievable …and fun.


Okay, I admit it.  Wilma and I dodged any trick or treaters by going to see a movie… and I’ve already posted my review of CAPTAIN PHILLIPS.


We spent last evening with friends Kevin, Kelly, Amy and David.  Kevin is a former student who has become a very good friend – his wife Kelly is a sweetie and a wonderful lady.  Amy and Wilma and I have done many community theatre things together … the first when she was about 10 when we did FIDDLER ON THE ROOF ..the latest was just this past summer when she directed us in CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES II – and she’s one peach of a person.  Her hubby Dave is a teacher of the first order – and a great guy.  So nice to spend time with them, which I do so not often enough.


First it was a dinner at a local new pizza place … BOOMERS.  They offer some very interesting kinds of pizzas – not the usual stuff – but there’s a Hawaiian pizza, an Irish Pizza, something called Mississippi Pizza…. You get the idea.  We’ll be back.


It was here that we ran into some folks we knew… Linda and Jeff – she’s a teacher, he’s an insurance agent… nice folks… and then as I went to order the pizza, there sat former student Robin… former, as in over 30 years ago — we greeted each other some – and I thought that was that.  I returned to my table with Wilma and the others…. A few moments later, there was Robin, who wanted to tell me how good it was to see me, and how she regretted not sticking with band (which is what I taught) and how she admired my heart …. Well hey, that sure makes a guy retired these 3 ½ years feel pretty dang good!


Then off to a favorite bar … THE LAST TURN SALOON for some more conversation, some popcorn, peanuts, and beverage.  A few more faces from the past (Becky and Ted – former student types) and a good night.  They were not band students… well, I think Ted gave trumpet a try, but I’m not sure.  Their kids have also passed through my classes over the years, which is a real hoot to think about.


We got home at a decent time (10:30 or so…) turned the clocks back and went to bed… only to rise and go sing in choir in church, dedicate the new stained glass window, go out for some conversation between services, and then home for a semi-quiet afternoon and evening.


You sure can feel winter sneaking down the street.  Please, no, thank you.