Some pretty big things this week …. Let’s get to it.  But first, an actual ad of my own making:

On Friday, I will be posting the first chapter of a four chapter story I’ve written about that certain day when my classmates and I shared an amazingly difficult national story – the assassination of JFK.  Each Friday of November, I will be posting a chapter.  I hope it will be something you’ll find good reading….

Tuesday found me getting my stitches out of my eyelid surgery.  At worst the whole

Procedure has been annoying

I do love bowling – wish Wilma would give it a shot… anyway, this week I hit my third 200 game of the year, and its only October.  IN my first two years with the league, I maybe did a pair of 200 games each year, so I’m already quite ahead of the game.  Can I keep that rate going?  Sure hope so. … dry skin around my eyes, the puffiness, the redness – not a great whole pile of fun, that’s for sure…but as of now, I can see a difference.  The left eye has less of a flap – in fact, NO flap, over it.  So that alone qualifies as ‘mission completed’.  The tough part?  I walked into the doctor’s office and the nurse took one look and said, “Oh My, Mr.Johnson, you’re having a reaction to the ointment.”  So, toss that bugger out – THAT stuff is what gave me such redness – and now I’ve improved and am starting to look somewhat normal.  I suspect a few more days and we’ll be there.

Raked up … well, okay, mowed up the front lawn on Thursday, working up a real sweat.  I had bought a self propelled lawn mower at a garage sale (Thanks, Kristen) and it has been a successful purchase.  Then out came the leaf sucker (I don’t use the blower attachment much) and polished off the rest of that.  Sunday afternoon found me doing the same thing – more sweat, more leaves more machinery – and the job is done for another year.

Saturday — oh now W

10 25 New Chrysler T&C van

ilma had some trouble.  Seems I was bored and needed something to do… so, with the fact that we had been talking cars lately, off I went in search of whatever I could find.  Through the graces of our pal Todd at one of the established car dealers in town, I tested a few cars, stopping by to show Wilma one of them… and so we drove… and yes, we bought as well… a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country minivan.  Very nice wheels indeedaroonie….

And Sunday – the arrival of our third grand niece… Welcome Raelyn Marie Anderson…. Our second came just about a month ago …. Aria Jean Lusky.  Cadance, Aria’s older sister, was the first, and they will be such an amazing trio of kids…..  I’ll leave the picture posting to the happy parents and grandparents of all three girls…..  Here they are …. Paul and Jill and Raelyn…. and then Cadance and little sister Aria….

Paul, Jill, Raelyn 1378803_10151684192502611_190592620_n












So, time to clean out the old van (we are making the official swap today) and then have some lunch with some friends…. And Goodbye October.