the beardI recently posted a comment on FACEBOOK about baseball players and those big bushy beards they’re wearing these days, ready to make a nasty comment… and then I remembered that I sported the same look myself back in the early 80s, so I posted that picture too…. And you know, I got more hits on that than on anything else I’ve posted – by blog stuff, my dumb little comments….at first, I was dismayed; wasn’t my serious stuff good?  Heck, I was lucky if those things got 20 hits… But this picture, and the comment that went with it, has received over 100 hits and comments combined.  What’s up with that?


I’ll tell you what’s up with that…. lightheartedness is a good thing.  It may seem innocuous and pointless, but I say Nay, No, Never and uh uh.  Such frivolities serve to release something – tension, nostalgia, whatever.  I’ll show you what I mean.


Some of the people who responded to THE PIC are former students from the same days as THE PIC.  They remember my goofy days in the classroom, but they also remember the days I got a little tense over things.  Some former students never saw me this way – and upon seeing this said to themselves, “This explains a lot….”.


Some are good friends – some old, some new.  Simple comments reveal thoughts like ‘I remember those days” and “I wish I could have seen Charlie in action back then” and even “Hey.  This guy must have really been into some goofy crap.”


Some are relatives who have known me since the diaper days and have seen me in wire frames glasses, dressed in cute little boy suits, saw me just be nuts… there’s the nostalgic stuff I mentioned.


Some don’t even really know me – so I can imagine the stories being built in their heads about this yoyo who keeps writing his blather online.  I am glad to be the source of an imagination-stretching exercise for you.


So a big thanks to all who responded to THE PIC.  I appreciate you all.