Those Who Forget the Past are Condemned to Repeat It…

With our government in a deep pattern of self-destruct mode when we come to one of those renowned cliffs, it is time to change behaviors…. The quote above pretty much says it…. As does the quote:

People who do things over and over and expect different results are insane.

So therefore, our government and those in charge need to now make drastic changes….some in attitude, some in actions.

None are exempted.  Here are your new behaviors:

No more hyperbole.  Nothing has been as bad or as good as you have been predicting.  Haven’t you noticed that NONE of it has come to fruition?  NO more threats of dire consequences.  No more promises that YOUR WAY will fix all our ills.  GET REAL about your predictions.  Say what you think without the embarrassing overstatement.

No more arrogance.  You are not as ‘right’ as you think you are, and the others aren’t as ‘wrong’ as you think they are.  Humility may just be the ticket you want; admit your idea is an opinion, not a fact. (Yes, you may have solid data to back it all up, but it is STILL JUST AN OPINION.)

No more spinning the polls to fit your thoughts and feelings.  We’ve heard you oftentimes spin the polls into what you want, but then turn around just a short time later – like at an election cycle when you’re losing –  and claim that the polls mean nothing.  You couldn’t have it both ways back then; you can’t have it both ways now.  This means that you cannot say ‘the American people want” such and such when you know darn well that at best maybe 65 percent of them want.  That, as far as I can recall, never qualified as meaning ALL Americans.

No more demanding ‘immediate’ results.  Face it, buckos, it took us decades to get where we are, and we’re not going to fix it in one congressional session…. And maybe not even in one decade – or even a generation.

No more digging in your heels.  Being stubborn, no matter now you look at it, cannot be considered a positive quality.  Instead, dig in with your hands and work together.

No more telling us what your constituents want.  Oh yes, the voices you listen to are those who voted for you.  Good for you.  But you represent ALL of those out there, not just your supporters.  You are obligated to represent them as well.

And no, you may not argue any of these points.  Your actions have been nothing but divisive and full of failure lately – why would your arguments now be of any benefit?

Any questions?  Too bad.  You have your assignment.  Get to it or get out.