Twelve weeks to go for the year …. 7 more weeks to why I’m doing this blog… my sixtieth birthday….


Wilma and I took Monday and Tuesday to head up to Moorhead to bring our son some furniture (and other miscellany) for his apartment.  A chair, a table, a file cabinet, a lamp, and there you have a full van of stuff.  Following that chore, it was off to supper at GRANITE CITY in Fargo – where we had a bit of a surprise for him.  His uncle Ger was in town to do a job, so he joined us for supper …quite a fun surprise to pull on the kid…. Then back to the apartment for a short visit.  Wilma and son walked over to where his sweetie works – to walk her home through the horrors of central Moorhead (sarcasm intended…)  While they were gone, I played with their big fat cat Sari… friendly bugger, and fun…. Then off to our hotel room for a night of rest.


Tuesday morning, after a fair free breakfast at the Inn, we took the shortcut home via Park Rapids and Walker…. Spent some time walking through the shops of Park Rapids… oh, we will be back!  Missed a chance, though, to get together with college buddy Jan.

10 07 Leech Lake

Then off to Walker for lunch and more shops and some time down at the shores of  Leech Lake, and then on home.  We had hoped to see some great fall colors, but we were a bit early.  Nonetheless, it was a nice trip to see Son and Sweetie and all that.


Wednesday – let’s just say another ordinary day of bowling.  My first two weeks went SO very well and above my head of my usual scores … but since then, my BEST has been 164.  My average has dropped from a high of 179 to 165 in those two weeks since those hot first two times.  Oh well.


Thursday found us lunching at ERNIE’S ON GULL out on the deck – probably our last lakeside meal now until next year.  And you know what?  The leaves were prettier than our run through Park Rapids and Walker the other day.


Bethlehem Lutheran Church is now the home of a completed stained glass window installation.  I rented the scaffolding, and our artist Doug Fliss and his assistant arrived, putting in the last pieces in less than an hour.  What a wonderful sight to see!!


Saturday it was off to the Twin Cities (via the outlet mall in Albertville) to see the home of nephew Joel and his new wife Angie (they eloped in May to Niagara Falls… how romantic is that?)  They found themselves a very nice home indeed!  They hosted a party full of wonderful people…. My sisters, my dad’s sister and another aunt… the families of all those… and of course, other nephews and niece and their individual spouses  (spousi?)… We met our newest grand-niece ARIA as well… then it was off to another house to see where another nephew and wife live… just a ½ mile away… and another fine house for them… and THEY are expecting our next grand-niece/nephew any time now….. looking forward to that blessed event as well.

10 11 LINO LAKES around the table

Home we came – and now we’re going to get into some serious fall weather.





Darn!  Good thing I followed up with probably the last round of golf of the year with friends Jon and Margaret……

10 13 EL on 14 looking back at the tee box