Back in the days of the Viet Nam War, there was an incident in which the town of

Ben Tre was sacrificed.  One of the generals said “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it,”   Associated Press reporter Peter Arnett is the man of record who brought this statement to the world back in 1963.  It was this kind of statement that reflected the kind of thinking that went on in that war – and maybe the kind of thinking that brought such an odd conclusion to that war.Vietnam_BenTre_Bridge

And now I wonder if that’s what’s happening in our government … Are we destroying the town (with the government shutdown) in order to save it (defunding Obamacare)?  We seem to be seeing more and more ‘out-there’ thinking in our federal government that smack of this  famous (or infamous) Viet Nam Era statement.

The example that first got me thinking this was Senator Cruz’ 21 hour filibuster – which was his right – to oppose the budget based on defunding Obamacare.  Fine, that’s his prerogative.  But then the part I didn’t get …. He then voted in favor of the bill he had just railed against.  Ultimately, we found out that he was playing by the rules of the senate – he was doing what seemed, at least on paper, the right way to go; it made perfect sense.  For doing so, though, he is now labeled as a wacko, a space cadet.

Then we get the odd situation where a Republican governor and a Democrat president combine efforts for the public good – and there are raised eyebrows over how that can possibly be… how the two could have anything at all in common….  It was against all common sense (in the world of politics) for the two to do such things.  But that’s what happened when Governor Chris Christie and President Obama met after the superstorm wreaked havoc with the New Jersey coastline.  Not only were those eyebrows raised as high as possible, but the ability of those two men to work together was viewed in some ways as being a weakness.  Does it make any sense at all that such a negative reaction should have arisen from the situation?  Is it another example of the nut job political stream we find ourselves in?


And now, we have an entire federal government that is so narrow as to think that shutting down the government … or letting it get shut down…. is a perfect political football to bounce off the citizens.  Both sides claim that the people support them… or to put it negatively, both sides claim the people DON’T WANT what the other side wants.  We’re watching our legislators act on negative thoughts rather than positive.  That just seems so ridiculous to me, and I don’t think I’m alone at all in that thought.

Backward thinking … playing by complex rules that make no sense …. Making decisions based on the negative ….. heckuva way to run a railroad.

Destroy the village to save it?  That’s where we might just be, and we’ll need some new ideas and a new (or get back to good old-fashioned) leadership…. To get us out of this.