Last week it was the general practitioner, this week it was Dr.Z, the dentist.  My appointment was at 8 am… get it over with, I always say …. My dental history is pretty pock-marked with caps and fillings and even a good root canal back in 1981 or so…. I grew up with Dr.Lager, then when I came to town here, I had Dr.Kaspar…he retired, so his partner Dr. Zard took over…and has been the only guy to stare at my teeth ever since.  He has a steady hand, good chairside manner, and remembers stuff about the kids… that says a great deal.  The upshot: no cavities, no need of a cap…BUT some gum problem around ONE tooth – I can’t figure out how that’s necessarily possible… but there it is.  Now for some concentrated flossing and a good dose of Listerine…. I suspect that will take care of it….

What a nice Tuesday morning for golf!!!  Buddy John and I made the rounds, and I didn’t even embarrass myself too awful much.  I took the opportunity to use my new phone to track our pace and how far we went…. Pretty interesting.  The program even showed up on my computer, so I can use both tools for this kind of thing….  But like I said, good golf with a good guy….. I hope to get out one more time….

I bowled my good old self this week…. A nice, safe mid 150s average.  The first two weeks sure got me started big, but now – ah yes, that guy is back again who solidly bowls between 140 and 160 most of the time…. I suspect that’s what we’ll see the bulk of the year.

Thursday and Friday had me contemplating the nonsense over the Minnesota Orchestra situation.  The board just doesn’t realize how they are stewards of this great state cultural treasure – and how they’re chopping it into little pieces.  WE have lost our director, we’ve lost several of our musicians, and that’s that.  I can’t find out who the board answers to – it seems it is just themselves and they other rich buggers who give the most money … and the unfortunate ordinary guy gets screwed.  Again.

Which brings up Obamacare, et al.  I have asked the question online … WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF WE LET OBAMACARE JUST GO INTO EFFECT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS?  Heck, we enacted the Prohibition amendment, saw it flop on its fanny, and then repealed it.  I say let’s go the same way with OBAMACARE – if it flops, get rid of it… and if it works, I predict there are changes that will be made anyway because the whole thing, through sheer size, can’t be perfect.  Tweaks will be required.

We also hit a garage sale – picked up some stuff for our son’s apartment.  We’ll go up there this next week and travel around some and catch the leaves changing… hopefully I will be able to post some good pictures….


And then — the first weekend of October is always ‘close the lake place’ time.  We belong to an association of 40 others, so we meet on the same weekend and pull the 300 feet of dock, pull out 30 boat lifts, turn off the water system, and then have our annual meeting.  We’ve had worse weather, I think… but it was windy, cloudy and misty and about 52 … standard dress was waders, sweatshirt, jacket, stocking hat, rain poncho and big rubber gloves …. We’ll get the place closed totally eventually, but we had a good start today.

Sunday — let’s loll around the house…. Wilma actually slept until about 9:30 … made me go in and see if she still had a pulse …. But oh my, she had a restful night …and good for her.  It was pewky weather, so we didn’t go up to the lake to do any work… but had a nice breakfast at Country Kitchen…. Best breakfast in town, if you ask Wilma and me.