Step right up and get your annual physical – first thing Monday morning, there I was, sitting in the clinic with my doctor.  I’m basically okay – blood pressure was good, cholesterol in the ‘normal’ range for the first time in a long time… gotta lose a little weight if I know what’s good for me … ok, can do.

Things sure have changed, though, over the years.  No more stethoscopes or palpating the abdomen – and I only had my ears checked because I mentioned I had some weird sounds going on in my left ear… (gunk-ectomy was successful …eeeewwww.)  But mostly, we talked.  I guess I don’t feel it’s as good physical as I used to get – but the way things are, I will leave it at that.

I attended a class at the local art center (thank you THE CROSSING and KRISTA SOUKUP) on marketing yourself as a writer.  I learned a good lot of useful information.  I need to just get off my duff and submit a few things that I have…. An ongoing process for sure…..

What do you say …and who really cares… if you have the best bowling day of your life?  I mean EVER, I mean bowling as if possessed by the soul of Earl Anthony – and he was  a lefty ….  After all, it was just a Wednesday afternoon in a small bowling facility in a small town in the middle of fly over America… but by golly, I DO care….My scores?  210, followed by a much weaker 132, and then 212 – for a total 554 series.  My previous best series was like 536, and usually I bowl two games over that magic line of 200 A YEAR!  And two in one day?  Get real! I do hope I can match the feat a few more times … but oh my, what a fun afternoon.

Wilma sent me up to the next town to what she said was a HUGE rummage sale at a church up there – and let me tell you, she wasn’t kidding at all!!  I got there an hour after it opened and it was jam-packed.  It was raining a bit, so the stuff outside wasn’t all that attractive to check out, but inside, there was everything a person could want… furniture, books, electronics, clothes, chairs, lamps… and since it was at a Lutheran church, there were bars and coffee.  I picked up a bedstand for our son, visited with some folks I knew, and even ran into a former student who I probably hadn’t seen since the late 80s … a nice gig….

That afternoon, Wilma and I headed out to our friend Ruthie’s house… she of the costumes that were used in the opera in August… Ruthie’s 60th birthday party will be tomorrow, and she’s invited several folks over – the twist is that everyone would be fitted from Ruthie’s stock of costumes, all in a GATSBY theme… well, lemme tellya folks, it was one jolly affair… we got our costumes on Friday  – the party was Saturday night, and as the saying goes, a good time was had by all!

top hat chaz











Sunday morning found the wheels of opportunity grinding in my general direction.  My good buddy and fellow retiree form Pillager school called me and invited me to the Guthrie Theatre to take in UNCLE VANYA, the play by Anton Chekhov.  He picked me up in his orange VW, driving down to the cities as we caught up on each other’s recent news and all … and then saw a very interesting play … I am such a neophyte at theatre that I’m a bit short on understanding Russian plays, but I sure am glad to have the opportunity…. Thanks to Dave for getting me there…