I understand that some so totally object to it.  I also understand some totally support it.  It’s pretty hard to argue that it is a controversial issue on so many levels.  How can it be so polarized?  Will it absolutely solve the cost of medical treatment as promised or will it become a bureaucratic arm of the government that it will ruin our democratic system of government?  Is one side correct, or is the other side correct?  I’ll answer this at the end of this writing.


No matter where you stand on it, in a few days, it will come into effect – and I have a few thoughts…


We watched Senator Cruz speak against the Budget/Obamacare for 21 ½ hours or so, and then sit down and vote in favor of the bill.  I have to seriously wonder if the rules in our federal bodies are so complicated (and maybe stupid) when such things are possible.


We also see our leadership doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over… The House (Republican Party in majority) has brought up votes to defund and eliminate Obamacare dozens of times, knowing full well it won’t pass in any form at all.  Yet, they keep it up, expecting different results.


I get it.  They oppose Obamacare.  Vehemently.


Then the Democrats, who control the senate, repeat their steps over and over and over to support and keep Obamacare on the books.


I get it.  They support Obamacare.  Vehemently.


My word to these folks:  I need to quote Mark Twain: (or at least paraphrase him…)

“Those who keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results are crazy.”


The individual circumstances that prove and disprove Obamacare will continue.  Stories of how this person got burned will remain, as will stories of success of some person getting medical care that they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.  These particular types of stories will continue to not matter that much as far as swinging public opinion goes.  I don’t know why that is, maybe someone can enlighten me – Regardless, one can see the same effect when we hear individual stories of gun control and other similar hot button issues….


And once things actually swing into action, there will be glitches and snags and snafus.  That’s a given thing.  It happens when ANY big new program gets out there and gets in gear.  It happened with FDR’s programs during the Great Depression – it even came to the Federal Supreme Court, who struck down some of the aspects of those programs.


It happened with freeing the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation – and if you think that went smoothly, ask yourself why as time passed, our government continued to pass laws to ‘fix’ such things ….Jim Crow Laws…. Civil rights laws…. And all this over the span of 150 years of work, and we’re still working on it.


And you can bet your first-born that within the first 48 hours of the official date of Obamacare, the conservative media will be all over it about the stink it produces – and not to be topped, the Liberal media will be bragging over how it kicked in so successfully.


Which brings me to my first question in the first paragraph… IS ONE SIDE CORRECT, OR IS THE OTHER SIDE CORRECT?


There are a few possible answers to this question – they include:


One side is correct.


The other side is correct.


And then there’s my favorite answer…


They can’t BOTH be correct, but they can BOTH BE WRONG.


I suspect a solution to our medical cost woes are somewhere out there, but the choice of 100% NO Obamacare vs. 100% ALL Obamacare is not the answer.  We will find that over time, it will be necessary to adjust this part of it, remove that part of it – and so on.


I advocate intelligent thought totally devoid of partisan leanings – I advocate making the right decision that serves the citizens of our great country.  That will require our lawmakers to shed their donkeys and elephants and get to it. It will require patience from them and from every citizen. It will also require some time.


The world will not come to an end because of Obamacare.  It will also not become a paradise either.  So let us get over those two polarized differences – Obamacare is coming, whether we are in a welcoming mood or not – and let’s be wise about how we handle its presence.