Sleeping at our daughter’s is always fun…. Train tracks run by, and there’s almost always a train going by, whistles in full voice, at midnight at 5 am….. it’s not a major route, and the trains are short, but those whistles sound out as if the train is 2 miles long and full of high security freight.

Daughter had a job for me today … help her hang some cabinets in the laundry room in the basement….. something I’ve NEVER done before.  She and her hubby had put up new cabinets in the kitchen, keeping the old ones for downstairs… but, hubby got sent off to Afghanistan before they could finish, so the old buggers sat out in the garage for a good six months before she and I got to carrying them downstairs.  Out comes the impact driver, the level, the various tools needed to do the task – and our daughter, who never learned anything like this from me, led me through the steps of hanging, leveling and shimming 5 overhead cabinets and 6 floor level cabinets…. We were done quite quickly, and it was oh so good to work with her!

Tuesday was a very interesting affair…. Daughter had me help her clean out the chimney in the morning (another new thing for me) and then we drove up to Potsdam (60 miles away) to visit a former student of mine.  He is now a professor of history at Clarkson College up there – on the tenure track this very year – he has a few books published and thoroughly enjoys his job.  We got there at 2 pm, shared some coffee and cake, then walked up to his college, giving us the grand tour of the town on the way – some great architecture and some stories of his life there, and how he met and married his wife.  We (Me, Wilma, and daughter and student) got back to his house, waited for his wife to come home from work (she’s a professor, too…) and out we went to dinner at a top-notch restaurant – maybe not five-star, but four star for sure …. Good meals all around, his treat.

09 17 pots Karen me Steve

It is highly gratifying to visit former students – and Steve gives me reason to say that.  He is so well spoken, so smart, so personable…. How great!  Home again and to bed after a nice time with Steven.  Here I am with Steve and his wife Karen after a nice dinner at the 1884 restaurant, just west of Potsdam.


Wednesday – local day.  We took off and headed to a cider mill in town – fresh apple cider, a little waterfall, and all that fall atmosphere of pumpkins and mums.  Then to the Watertown Farmer’s Market – all kinds of goodies on hand, and then a lunch all the way over in Sacket’s Harbor again – a nice burger at a sidewalk restaurant… Back home, a small supper, and then off to bed with the alarm set to get us up and on the road back home.

5:20 am, central time – that’s when we left daughter’s house.  Down on hwy 81, then 70 west to Buffalo, then Erie, PA, then all the way across the top of Ohio and Indiana, and on into Illinois, finally stopping at 7 pm in Rockford, Illinois at a Baymont hotel …. And then a good pizza at Gerry’s Pizza….. a full day of travel for sure … and then…

Up at 6 am, on the road by 7:45, aiming for home.  The only sticky wicket in the way showed up as we stopped in Anoka for gas, when Wilma realized she had left her purse a good 2 hours behind us at our lunch stop…. Some quick work with the GPS and our new smartphones, and we had the restaurant contacted and arrangements made for UPS to be the good fairy that would deliver the miscreant purse as soon as possible….  We hit the driveway at 2:15, unloaded, and sent Wilma off to her 4 pm meeting …. Another trip done and under our belt.

Wilma set off to another meeting Saturday morning, which gave me time to clean up the last of the travel duties…. Sunday was church time, mow the lawn, watch the Emmy Awards…and now back into a fall routine of the first 3 years of our retirement…. That might actually be quite comfortable.