Travel is an amazing thing – it seems Wilma and I have done so many things this past week – to the point of making the day we left seem like – oh, I don’t know … a few epochs ago.  See if you agree with me.

After a few errands, we left Monday at noon and headed for Indiana, with intentions of stopping along the way for the night – which we did in DeForest, Wisconsin.  Nice room and all that – good supper at a family restaurant there (the best stuffed pork chop ever…) and wakening to sunlit cornfields behind the motel….

On the road at 9 am, and we knew it was going to be hot – the car thermometer hit 100 degrees twice — and that’s twice too often…. We arrived in Greenfield, Indiana just after supper to visit with mom in law to start … and added her sister’s family as well as time passed.  Wilma and I helped around the house some … me outside in the yard, Wilma inside… MIL is doing very well since her hip surgery in June and having lost her husband in February… MIL is such a fine model of humble optimism….

Wednesday was Wilma’s birthday – and my plan to get her a certain something was thwarted, so I had nothing for her … yet.  Every time I wanted to ‘run an errand’ (sneak out of the house and get the present I had in mind) Wilma wanted to go with me…. I did explain, so once we’re back, I’ll still pull off that little errand.  That same day we toured the home of poet James Whitcomb Riley (Little Orphan Annie) – very 1800s type stuff, very interesting home with good tour guides to tell us the whole tale.

Thursday we drove down to Columbus, Indiana, where the CUMMINS DIESEL founders had established an architectural Eden…. The company paid for the architect and the designs, and the city – at least at first – kicked in the rest.  Then the ball really got rolling with churches and homes and office buildings and banks… so many famous architects with so many interesting pieces of work in one town (Population 43,000)!  Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy so I didn’t get the pictures I would have liked.

Back to Greenfield and then supper out with MIL and sister’s family at what is the most tackily (?) decorated Mexican restaurant in the world…. I mean, really…  cartoon like characters ensconced on the back of benches?  Plastic parrots all over?  Reds, greens, yellows, oranges … it was quite a visual eruption.  The food was pretty good, and conversation and fellowship just fine …. And then back to sister’s for cake.

Friday we left for New York, via Cleveland, Erie PA, and Buffalo NY …. Icky weather … rainy at worst, misty at the usual moments of the day …. It’s a 12 hour drive, but we made it.  Stopped at our daughter’s place of work (she’s a flight nurse for a medical helicopter company) and got the grand tour…. so impressive, and we’re so impressed w/ our daughter…. She worked the night shift, we went to her house for a night’s sleep….

Saturday was duty day for sure.  I used a gas weed whacker for the first time… cleared around several trees, the house, the gas tank, the swing set, the shed and the garage… it was a good workout for this guy…. After cleaning up, off we went to Sacket’s Harbor for a nice dinner (steak) and a night at a comedy club…. 4 comedians, just over an hour … and some funny lines …. I will be using “I’m a MAKE A WISH POSTER CHILD for ….” And another guy talked about naming his son after his dad’s dad…so his son is named GRANDPA … and another guy … plaid shirt, moustache, plain style about himself… after discussing racism, told of how he crosses out CAUCASIAN on all those forms, checks OTHER and writes in NASCAR-AMERICAN… Pretty funny!

Daughter took us out to brunch Sunday morning at a winery a ways from here…. and it was just supreme!  All the typical brunch foods – but so very well prepared!  TUG HILL WINERY in Lowville, NY, in case you’re interested…. Daughter drove us around to see some of the rolling hills of the area, stopped at an old cemetery to take in some old markers, then another winery where we stocked up some for the season…. Thrill of the day:  getting to drive daughter’s new VW Passat – with a STICK ….so fun to drive!!!

And Sunday night, after a supper of homemade tacos, (please notice: I didn’t put an apostrophe after taco … hate when they do that…) we watched the Miss American pageant, since a girl from our home town is Miss Minnesota …. She made it to the top five … we are SO very proud of Rebecca Yeh!!!

We’ll be here a few more days and then head home…. As always, more to come….