I took a class today at the CROSSING, the arts center here in town.  Sonya Chamberlain offered ideas on how to start a poem.  Using a few different prompts and ideas, we wrote poems.  I came up with some things that I will develop… but for now, there they are in their rough form as of the end of class today.  Thanks to Sonya, Krista Soukup and Audrey Gruber for a constructive two hours of my Tuesday….


First —


The plot gets complicated when apologies are needed.

Explanations?  Too many.

Excuses? Too numerous to the point of being humorous…

When all we need is a sincere and honest

“I’m Sorry”.




The Lord sits with me out front watching –

Ballerinas float across the stage-

Jugglers fling flaming torches high into the air-

Trained animals scurry through hoops

And balance on balls

And play HABANERA on Honking Horns


And the Lord and I look at each other and giggle at

These Practiced Shenanigans


And wait for the second act of

Wars and Starvation

And Human Desecration.


And the Lord and I look at each other in silence

As we realize such things are

Practiced Shenanigans, too.


Third —




The mother grilled her daughter;


Don’t you know your shoes are ruined and muddy?

It cost more than your grandma paid for

a pedicure and her dry cleaning combined!


Don’t you know you might fall and scratch a knee

And make us go to the emergency room for stitches

From some sterile doctor?


Didn’t you think your dress

Might tear ..

Or your hair

Might get wet or

You’d splash all over me?


The little girl picked herself up from the ground

And with an unexpected wisdom and said

“Because life is short.”


Fourth — some haiku


Ballerinas float

The plot gets complicated

Because life is short.




My life was so still

I’m a puddle jumper now

Watch me dare to act!


Fifth –




Nothing but mattress and box spring

Looking bare and clinical

Bring in the cottony mattress pad

Lay it across and tuck in each corner

Smooth it out for the fitted sheet.


Four more corners to place just right.

Four more corners to smooth and tighten.


Find the top of the next sheet-

Wider hem at the head.

Hospital corners at the foot

More smoothing.


A comforter next, draped evenly at the edges

End with pillow cases and shams


A matched set, ready for resting.