Last week was hot – JULY hot!  There was certainly every reason to stay at the lake all week, so we did exactly that.  We were back and forth some, but mostly, to the lake we went.  I even got in the water a few times myself.

Tuesday – a bit of a culinary delight.  We found out about ‘burger night’ at a local swanky restaurant – IVEN’S ON THE BAY, actually – who sell five dollar hamburgers for five dollars every Tuesday night from 4 to 6 …. Wilma couldn’t join me, but I went with a group from our lake association and had a doggone good burger!  Angus beef, two thick slices of bacon, cheese, on what they call an ‘egg bun’…. And fries, of course… along with a beer, it was a very economical night out – Wilma and I will be back next week.

Mary F. and I took some time to continue a project inspired by Sandy N.  Seems that Sandy thought I should take some photos of local churches for the purposes of display in our church narthex … so I did just that 2 years ago or so… and Mary got me up and running on going through them…. She and I went through all 137 shots and picked a few to print up, planning a display as soon as we can.  11 pictures later, we had our list.


The narthex, you ask?  Oh yes.  I serve on a committee that keeps a different kind of art on display as much as we can.  We’ve had local wood workers, painters, photographers, Christmas ornaments – its been quite successful… our only rule, basically, is nothing schlocky, like a Noah’s Ark made out of popsicle sticks…. And my photography will be up next…..

Friday afternoon, Wilma and I headed up to my sister’s cabin (which really belongs to her husband’s family) for a few nights worth.  It is way the heck up there – 20 miles north of the next city, and down a two lane paved road, then a one lane dirt road, and we’re there.  Water from a well, outhouse (and  a recently added biolet – operates as a compost toilet….) and lots of good food.  The lake is small – 79 acres, according to the state Dept. of Natural Resources … and it is a clear and pretty lake.  I have spent a good amount of time there over the years – My sister and her husband have been together since the 1960s, so our families have congregated often at the shores of Lake 13…

Saturday was the centerpiece of the visit … a beautiful, sunny, 80+ degree day that found us in the water, taking saunas, and reveling in a VERY warm Labor Day Weekend time together.  So very nice indeed!


We came home Sunday – left there at 10:30 am, got back to our house at 1:30 or so … it was a much cooler and misty day, so there was no qualms about leaving….

The big news – our son is now the technical director in the theatre department for the very same college he went to – he moved back this weekend, and starts today.  He and his girlfriend need to find an apartment or something – and that will happen sooner than not … we are so proud of him … and so wish him the best with this job…..