Just when you think we’d be relieved of duty with the end of the music festival, why not just throw back your head and give a big laugh?  It was a busy week…

Wilma’s week was committed to wrapping up the financial stuff and other matters.  Lots of phone calls, lots of this and that.  I spent some time as well, including returning a car and then riding with Scott (the Festival artistic director) allowing me to pump some ideas into him for next year … How about someone doing a video documentary?  How about pieces of music such as the MISSISSIPPI SUITE?  How about movie music while a scene plays on a screen?

But now, let’s just hit the week and see what happens….

Monday afternoon was spent in the meeting room at Lord of Life Church as a member of GREAT DECISIONS, a current events discussion group.  This month’s topic: Humanitarian efforts by governments – we discussed whether or not the USA could successfully help the people of Syria and Egypt.  Our conclusion was that this is such a complicated matter that we just can’t possibly know what to do, but w should continue to try to understand and work on such issues.

Tuesday found me a chance to rub elbows with the writing world – I took a 2 hour class from Candace Simar (a published author from the area here – http://candacesimar.com/) on how to get published.  I find myself quite drawn to that possibility – and she talked about the steps to get such a project done.  Without going into great detail, it is a good deal of work.  I have a preliminary goal for now – since I have no plays in the works, I can focus on writing and see if I can approach publishing with any seriousness.

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Wednesday couldn’t come any faster for me – new friend Craig Friday (he and I were on stage last fall in ANNE FRANK) invited me to a round of golf at THE PRESERVE, a high-end golf course up near Pequot Lakes.  You know the kind: 80 bucks a round, electric golf carts with GPS and distance to the green rangefinders … It was a misty day (a precursor to the fun heat we’re now experiencing) as I arrived there.  The guy at the front desk was a former student – always fun to have that happen.  Craig arrived, and due to his employment at the company that owns the course, we got on for quite a good deal less than that regular rate… and off we went.  Suffice it to say that I didn’t really care how I did (which was badly) … but it was such a treat to play on such a quality course at least once.  I sure hope I get to do it again… we ended with lunch and promised we’d do it again soon.

I got back to town in time to join some friends for some social time at a local eating establishment … and it was there that I filled in the crew on the death of a man who we all knew (Leroy – who I wrote about in the previous blog entry) … His death was a shock for all – and he will be missed.

Thursday – oh how I love our stained glass project at church!  I helped artist Doug Fliss and fellow church member Curt N. install 3 larger panels in our windows.  Doug and I did five earlier this year – and with these three in, we have 3 left to go, which will arrive at the end of September or so…. It is lovely to see and very interesting to learn the process.  Doug’s website is http://www.departuredesigns.com/

With the incoming heat, we moved out to the lake today, cat and all.  Ella has been very good – she used to be very nervous about being in the much smaller trailer we have out there – but this time she’s been a good girl.  Wilma has hit the beach a great deal over the days, and I’ve kept busy with writing and a photography project I’ve been invited to do.  That’ll be coming up later and you’ll hear about it here.

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Then there’s Ruth Gmeinder and her costumes.  Wilma dropped off letters to the Minneapolis TV stations, telling them about the music festival, especially about the opera and Ruthie’s costumes.  Wilma got a call from Jason Davis on KSTP – and he came up Friday to do a story about Ruth’s costumes.  A good two dozen of us showed up to model those costumes .. and what a sight it must have been to see Venetians Royalty, Barbarians, Gatsby people and cartoon characters out in the yard of a resort…. It was fun, it was interesting – and we’ll see what Jason Davis does with it on his report – date to be announced.

Saturday found me fatigued… it seems like every 6 weeks or so, I just crash… I am lethargic and have no zip at all for about a day.  I will be mentioning this to my doctor at my annual physical (coming soon — need to make an appointment…) but it may have to do with the side effects of atenolol, my blood pressure medication…..

Outside – and through Sunday as well – it is hot HOT HOT…. Church was good .. with our usual visit to the bagel shop, sitting around with our friends from church … and then some beach time and a turkey roast on the grill, with some corn on the cob.  The heat is due to continue for the whole week, so I suspect we’ll be staying at the lake for several more days there … all because we have no AC at home, and here we have a good pile of it.