In the day-to-day grind of life, there are those who serve as mainsprings.  They provide a steady hand to keep things in balance, in control.  They guide more than they steer.  Their motions are smooth and directed – no knee jerks, no sudden dashes.  No reward is asked nor expected – it is who they are and how they prefer to be.


These people are strong and steady in their careers, their church, their community, their families.  These people are consistent in their love, their humor, their industry.  Others count on them because they are so consistent.


In over thirty years of teaching, I have been associated with several families that have brought forth several mainsprings.  One of those families is the Van Vickles, who recently lost one of their own mainsprings.


Leroy fit all that I have written here – and as is so often the case, his whole family is the same in so many ways.  I knew his dad, I know his mom.  One of his brothers was in my high school band.  I have taught several of his nieces and nephews.


I have heard of Leroy’s work over the years, and especially now on the event of his death.  His efforts as a mainspring covered more than we know, that is very clear.


My heartfelt condolences to the family.   I am sure there are – and will be ­­— more mainsprings from the Van Vickles.