Hey, lookee here!  I’m getting this posted on the right day!  Maybe I’m getting my personal clock actually in line with the real world now.

I have to say that Wilma and I have been flooded with the time needed to swing our way through the Music Festival schedule.  Every waking hour has held either silent thoughts or outward actions to address the needs of whatever the next concert requires.  Yet, as consuming as it may be, the rewards of the concerts are well worth it.

It all started on Monday.  Wilma and I headed up to the auditorium to help strike Sunday’s concert and help get things ready for the opera… including hanging a chandelier, hanging lights, moving pianos, chairs and stands, setting a harpsichord… quite an endless list.  I even drove to a house and picked up a chaise lounge – or a ‘fainting couch’ as they called them in the old days.  Our efforts took the whole morning….

Tuesday found me at the local arts center, taking in a class on blogging.  I don’t know if you’ll see any benefits here, but I made some good contacts that I know will help my work here on my blog and in my writing in general.  There is another class next week on publishing… I may need to hit that one, too.



Wednesday brought the highlight of the festival work – a performance of the opera LA CENERENTOLA by Rossini.  It’s the Cinderella story told with a few different twists… it’s a wicked stepfather, and the fairy godmother in this case is a mysterious gentleman.  The house was full (over 900 people) the orchestra was elegant, the costumes outstanding, and the singing stellar.  Standing ovation, great comments as the audience was leaving…. What a true plum of a performance!!

Thursday – I was asked to drive a couple of the opera singers to the Minneapolis airport – so off I went, bringing Cinderella and one of the step sisters with me, dropping them at the right spot.  It was an easy drive … good weather and all that… we talked a little – but eventually they needed some quiet time … napping was the tendency, after having pumped out the opera last night, so these two young ladies (one headed to Buffalo, one to Houston) relaxed for the two  and a half hour drive.

I was carrying another passenger … the harpsichord needed to be returned to the owner.  My good old GPS took me right there – no more than 15 minutes from the airport…. And since I was in the neighborhood, it was time to drop in on an old friend.

Toni and I had done all of our public education together… kindergarten through twelfth grade.  We hadn’t heard from each other in over 30 years – but thanks to good old Facebook, there she was – so we chatted a great deal online.  We got reacquainted in our online conversations, but we never get any real personal contact….

Until today …. I knew she worked at a floral shop right near where I had left the harpsichord, so I did a little digging on the GPS, I went to one shop, but no Toni… the gentleman there was so kind and helpful – he called his wholesaler who knew that Toni worked at a place a bit to the east.  He gave me the address, and off I went.

I walked into the shop, greeting the lady behind the counter.  I asked about Toni, and just as I did that, Toni came out of the back room – we locked eyes – well I haven’t been hugged like that in a long time… I got this huge smile, her eyes twinkled just like I remembered, and then she had to hug me again.. .and again… and again… If I really had to guess, the lady was glad to see me.

We stepped outside for a bit to visit – and we enjoyed a good 20 minutes before she had to get back to putting together flowers for a wedding… it was a joyous reunion – I hope we see each other again soon…..so home I went, with Toni’s giggles and twinkles rolling in my head.

And so into Friday …. Plans arise for a busy upcoming week … current events group on Monday, a publishing class on Tuesday, golf on Wednesday, and stained glass installment project at church on Thursday… and with promises of more to come later in that week…. Wilma had a session for the festival Friday evening, so I got to sit home and enjoy the Twins game on TV and have some time to myself, which wasn’t a bad thing at all.

Saturday was domestic day – Wilma wants to reside the shed, so we went to Menards to look at possible product.  Vinyl?  Pine?  Steel?  Then as we talked, we found out we didn’t quite have the same ideas in mind, so now we step back and refigure things.  I need to find a way to re-do the door, and as I check that out, I see I need to re-anchor a part of the shed.  I had called about permits, and by golly, even to re-side it’s a 75 dollar bill. UFTA.. Not happy about that at all.  So, we’ll see where this falls.

Which brings us to Sunday, the last concert of the festival.  Let’s open with CAPRICCIO ESPAGNOL by Rimsky-Korsakov …. WOW …complete with amazing cadenzas from the trumpets, the harp, the concertmaster, the flute, the clarinet… Then, as if that wasn’t enough, here came the Ravel Piano Concerto – soloist Greg DeTurck played sensitively, and the orchestra just sang through the complex patterns….. Not Happy Yet?  How about a full, complete, exciting performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony?  OH, my, what power and strength!!!!  What a way to end the festival!



This one is getting long… I’ll leave it here.  Next week – what it’s like to NOT have a festival to work on…..