There has been quite the trade of letters in our local news paper … and here’s my two cents…

As the debate about the existence of God continues in the Dispatch, it occurs to me that we’re addressing the wrong question.

Let’s look at the evidence we’ve seen served up.  Both sides use historical records, from the Bible to other ancient historical documents.  There are those who use scientific evidence to shore up their point as to the existence or non-existence of a divine being.

It seems to me, though, that the question isn’t necessarily that God exists or not.  It is merely necessary to consider that his existence is possible.

We all experience such things as love, hate, awe, revulsion – the entire spectrum of emotions.  We all feel them at one time or another.  We love or hate our parents, siblings, our job.  We feel pity for an injured person or a favorite pet.  We feel the uplifting joy of hearing a good piece of music or sinking a long putt on the golf course.  We wonder at the sight of a sunset.

Yet, we cannot measure any of those feelings.  Love doesn’t come by the pound.  Glee can’t be detected on any kind of device.  Even the more advanced units of measures (my favorites include fun things like ergs and joules) cannot verify such things one way or another.  Yet, one would be hard pressed to say that they do not exist.  Despite their intangibility, they are accepted for their presence.

So, if we can accept that feelings exist without any way to measure them, perhaps the possibility of the existence of God is just as acceptable – just as unmeasurable, just as real.

Why is God’s possible existence any less likely than our own emotions … or even our own existence?


I wrote this up, published it, and then had this thought.  I would be interested to see what would have happened had this one been attributed to Bill Cosby or Warren Buffett…. or had been narrated in Morgan Freeman’s voice.