The music festival continues its run … got up a bit early today to go help set up for the concert this Wednesday … a nearly fully staged LA CERENTOLA … and opera by Rossini.  Lights, costumes, minimal set, an orchestra of about 25, subtitles in English set up for the projection screen….. All that set up and ready to go for a 10 am rehearsal.


But let us go back to earlier in the week …


Monday – up to the next town to listen to a lecture given by a retired music professor – he filled us in on the pieces coming in the rest of the festival and shared some fun YouTube moments … He’s well informed, knows how to present his stuff, and very personable…. Followed up w/ coffee and peach kuchen (that’s peach cake, to those of you who aren’t Scandinavian….).


Tuesday we actually had to ourselves.  Go figure.















Wednesday’s concert was a concert of pieces that had been performed in the past years of the festival – some string stuff, some snazzy Gershwin preludes and café music, and a few other things… good attendance and a good time.











Thursday night Wilma and are went to a party given for the donors – a chance for the musicians coming into town to meet the locals that have volunteered to feed, house and transport them, as well as sponsor them…. Quite classy, really.


Friday – time for some car work.  Our van, which we really like (this is our second one like it) has been having some tire problems… and it seems it’s those dang chrome rims that cause the difficulty.  Now that the van is older (over 100,000 miles) the chrome is flaking off the wheels, causing some strange slow leak problems.

DSC01008 DSC01016

Saturday … time for the incoming opera performers to do a little bit lighter programming… we went out to Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge for a dinner and some cabaret music.  These performers are just amazing!  Strong baritones (good old Rodolfo Nieto is just a stunning singer, as is John Buffett…) and some sopranos that just trilled beyond belief…. And some good hosting by Taylor Ward, who has such a wit and repartee about

And then Sunday… a concert of wind music by Mozart and Dvorak, and a very rare piece … a duet for double bass and cello by Rossini… and SO very interesting and good!


Gee.  As I read back what I have for this week, can you tell we’re married to this dang festival?  It is a great deal of work … so much of it unseen and unheard … but so very worthy….. Two more concerts to do, which you’ll read about in next week’s adventures … and I can’t wait!