Well, there you go.  I missed making my entry this week, so Il just throw in some stuff here, remembering as best I can to that time period.  Oops on me.


There were two concerts in the Music Festival in this time period.  The one on Wednesday, July 31 was a fine collection of string works, including what for me was a very learning experience.  The group did a Phillip Glass string quartet.  Upon hearing that, I assumed it was going to be a repetitive boring piece, but oh my, was I ever WRONG!  It was a thrilling, energetic piece that I look forward to hearing again.  To top it off , the group did a Shostakovich string piece that also rocked the place!


The second concert was the family concert on Sunday – and yet another big hit.  There were around 560 people in the audience to hear some great stuff, particularly Fingal’s Cave and four sections of a very clever song cycle about laundry – just a full hoot, totally enjoyed by all.


Wilma and I had some time to sit up at the lake and just enjoy some quiet time.  She ahs been working her tail off for the festival, and I’m so very proud of what she has done for it.


Like I said, I have so little to write for this week, since I blew getting it written on time.  let’s see if I blow it again in a few days.