We got back from Indiana on Monday, which is already mentioned in last week’s entry … so Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday found us working quite hard on our basement room that had water seepage the week before we left… the carpet is up and out at the landfill, the south wall repainted, and the floor painted with a silver/gray paint, two coats worth.  We’ll move the furniture back in quite soon now.


Spent some time up at the lake in the nicer weather …. It sure can be quiet and peaceful up there when not so many folks are around.


I went to a garage sale put on by a friend from the Legacy Chorale and came home with a very nice John Deere self propelled lawn mower… .and it works GREAT…. I know…. Makes me sound domestic…. I guess I have to confess to that charge somewhat….


Caught the play “DEARLY DEPARTED” at the college… .a very funny show.  It was fun to see some of the folks in this show that did ANNE FRANK and FORUM with me earlier this year.


Saturday was horribly cool and wet…. Wilma and I went to an RV show, taking in trailers and Class C RVs and fifth wheels and big travel trailers… we found a few that seemed nice, and a few odd ones…. Price ranged from 9,000 to 200,000 dollars.


Wilma’s job as the executive director of the Lakes Area Music Festival started producing fruits with its first concert of the run – community groups singing and performing.  The Legacy Chorale, Consensus (a small vocal group), a beat box flute player, a brass playing couple…. A string group, and a trio of young ladies doing a piece by Corelli …. http://www.lakesareamusic.org/


Got in my first round of golf today with good friends Jon and Margaret.  (Wilma won’t golf, darn it….) Beautiful day for it, but I didn’t do so very well.  I really like the Eagle’s Landing Golf Course….. http://www.eagleslanding-golf.com/  It is a nice affordable course – check it out if you’re interested……


It sure seems slower now that the play is over …. Not much pressure to do things, so I’m gonna like this for awhile….