Week 28

This entire past week has been spent on the road … We took off last Monday just before noon, heading for Wilma’s mother’s home 13 hours away.  Her mom (Lelani) became a widow in February, and then just a few weeks ago found herself in need of a hip replacement.  Lelani sure has had a tough first half of the year!

So Wilma and I took turns as we headed down there.  A lunch at McD’s is quite common… and then got to a hotel for the night 8 hours down the road…. A nice supper at a restaurant with a Northwoods kind of atmosphere, then to bed… .up early enough, on the road by 8 am with a stop here and there for gas and rest area needs.  We arrived at Lelani’s house about 2;30 …. And found that amazing lady in great spirits.  She needs a walker to get around (mostly) but she is smiling and in so less pain than when her hip went bad that she’s just reveling in the fun of how much better she feels.  Pork chops for dinner that night, and so to bed…..

I sure don’t need to include a blow-by-blow account …. But that first day pretty much reflected the time with Lelani.  She shared so much of her joy and faith… she made sure we were comfortable…. I even heard Wilma tell her that Lelani is her hero…and I sure can see why….


A couple of other things from our time down there — Wilma, Lelani and I went to a dinner theatre to see SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN..a cute musical about a Gospel singing family and their appearance at a church.  Entertaining, comedic…. Wilma was particularly attracted to the show because she served as vocal director when our local community theatre produced it….. I took an afternoon to myself to do a photo safari, looking for old barns or some such to photograph…well, I didn’t find much of that, but the next town to the east had some nice Mid-America feeling things, so I took a few shots around there…. We also got together with Wilma’s sister, husband and two boys for a meal on Friday (Lelani’s 83rd birthday….) and then again Sunday night at the sister’s house.

It was a nice time –  I do seriously think Wilma and Lelani bonded even more that before….

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WE left for home at 4:30 our time, arriving home at 6:30 pm, having stopped for a GREAT breakfast in mid Illinois and a few potty steps…. Our arrival was made good with our sweet cat Ella purring and rubbing and doing everything possible to welcome us home….

And then… that left our mess from last week.  Water in the basement after a big storm the day before we left – so we had pulled up the carpet and put down fans, and now, we need to clean that up.  We got the carpet all pulled, the furniture moved to the center of the room, and next?  Off to the paint store for some wall paint and floor paint….

Out the door we go…..