This is the halfway point for the year … the year in which I turn sixty, which is the whole motivation of this blog.  Halfway – such a word bubbles up the old joke about the glass that is half full or half empty.  So this year, now half gone… am I half full or half empty.


I have been involved in two different plays in these six months – both of which have been successful in so many ways.  These plays found me focusing a great deal of time – all of January and well into February for the first, all of June and almost half of July, plus a little May for the second…. That’s a good deal of time – and enjoyable, satisfying time.


The sorrow of the year is the loss of my father in law.  Wilma spent a great time with him and her mother, so she and I spent more time apart than ever before.  Even though we knew he was very ill, his death still leaves a gap that will have to heal.  There is an empty spot where he stood.


Wilma and I quietly celebrated our thirtieth anniversary a few weeks ago – and it was very nice.  Those thirty years have been so full – so rewarding.


Half empty?  Half full?  How about this – I am thankful to God that I have a year such as this to even try to fill with all the experiences.


So much for the philosophical side …


Our play opened on Friday – and I have one incident to relate …. One of our actresses fell and broke her shoulder…. Well let me tell you, that sort of thing found us reblocking scenes and songs to make things easier and safer for her.  She is quite the trouper … we opened the show this past Friday and things seem to be good for her.   She has a doctor’s appointment today, with the possibility that she’ll be told that she needs surgery that would require her to leave the show.  In that case, our director will step in.  We’re all hoping that won’t be the case.


Fourth of July – always a good party time.  Wilma and I spent the day with some good friends and their families.  Our play director Amy, her husband Dave, and their two girls were there  (I haven’t mentioned that Dave and the girls are instrumental in the play, doing stuff back stage, running lights and sound, helping with props….) Mike from California was there… the Paulsons, a few other families, and our fine hosts, Kevin and Kelly and their boys…. Lots of good food, some private fireworks… very nice way to celebrate the holiday.


One thing I missed this week.  On the Sunday following the fourth, my grandmother’s family convenes at a park and revels in the good summer and in good family times.  THE STRAND PICNIC has gone on for 60 years now …or nearly so.  Due to the play, I had to miss it — but over the years, those Strand picnics have been unique — I have been in the presence of so many relatives that are a big part of my being — some of them I have seen almost every year, some are from Sweden, some from other states … and from six generations at least, according to my count.  Sixty years of these — my goodness!


And now on to the second half of the year…. I’m looking forward to it.