We’re closing in on opening CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES II: A SECOND HELPING… this past Friday and Saturday we added lights and sound, and we’ve already done costumes and props, so we’re ready to go.  Three more rehearsals with everything, then we have the Fourth of July off, and then we hit it for real on the fifth.  It has been a good set of rehearsals – some funny times, some stressful times, but we have a very good show.  The cast is SO good – and I have to say that our director Amy B. has been stellar.  She is inventive and positive, and knows how to teach us what she wants.  She also did the choreography for the show; her skill here is realizing the level of skills her actors have.  In her ‘regular’ job, she is a dance instructor at a local music store.  Her groups win national awards all the time – so she obviously knows how to teach advanced levels… but yet, like I said, she knows how to teach at the level of the people.  That makes it SO very easy to do….


As I write this, Wilma and I are sitting in our park model trailer up at the lake.  We came up yesterday and spent the night.  This is the first time this year that we’ve done that; between the weather and the schedule, there’s just been no opportunity to do so.  We did a turkey roast on the grill for supper, enjoyed the day reading, watching the Twins, basking on the beach – very nice indeed.


It was our son’s 25th birthday yesterday – hard to believe our youngest is a quarter of a century old.  Here he is a very recent picture.   He presently works and lives in Colorado as a master carpenter for the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs.



Yesterday was also the anniversary of my dad’s death in 1991 – we miss the guy in many ways.


I had an idea for a short story about 10 days ago.  I typed it up and worked on it some – and had my good writing friend and mentor Doris give me some editing hints on it.  I am curious as to how many people actually read my blog end to end, so I’ll ask this… if you want me to put the story up here on my blog, drop a comment at the end this week’s blog entry.  If I get five, I’ll put it up.  Doris, by the way, is an excellent teacher and has been so helpful in all my writing endeavors since I retired.


This week: our final rehearsals, maybe a chance to see old friends, and the fun of the Fourth of July in Brainerd …. Comment away, folks.