I wrote this poem a month ago for publication in the HOMETOWN FOCUS paper up in my home area on the Iron Range of northeastern Minnesota… for those who have never experienced the Eveleth Clown Band, well…..

That World Famous Band

I dream that I’m a member of the Eveleth Clown Band

I get to honk a horn real loud Hold a plunger in my hand…

And direct a loud strong chorus of IN HEAVEN THERE IS NO BEER

And even lead a version of Those Iron Range School Cheers

And wear some silly goofy clothes

A tiara, big shoes, and pajamas

I want them all in neon colors

Purple, Green, Bananarama.

I get to spoof political groups

Be silly and ‘tongue in cheek.’

I get to dance and frolic about

I hope it lasts all week.

See me weave down Grant Avenue Make music with that crew

And revel in our nation’s birth As Rangers always do.

So raise your voice and clap your hands and stomp your feet on the ground

… The Eveleth Clown Band is passing by – I love their freestyle sound.