SONY DSCThis was the week of our 30th anniversary – and we celebrated as such.  We went out to supper on the 15th to one of our local favorite spots to start the week – then went down to Minneapolis to see WARHORSE at the Orpheum theatre, which was very good with a high degree of technical work that was fascinating – and then a stop at RED LOBSTER on the way home.  Wilma got a pearl set from me, and she bought the tickets for the play.  It was a nice week.

With all the world news going on, I’ve been close to being motivated to write and entry here about Mandela, or spies or political correctness.  Those may come as these topics continue in the news.  I find I need to get a fire going somewhere inside me to finally sit down and type something up – its not there yet, but I feel the fuel getting warm.

Rehearsals are going quite well again – we start ‘off book’ tonight, which is always a bit of a test.  Costuming is falling into place, props are all there, the set is done (thanks to our famous MR. STYROFOAM Tim L.) …. We need to get the sound in place; and since we’re going with recorded accompaniment, that’s an important matter to address.  Our director AMY had hip replacement surgery on Friday and insists she will be at rehearsal tonight – probably with a walker or something like that – but she’ll be there.  I can’t tell you how much she amazes us – her direction is clear, her choreography (yes, she did that too) is clear, her attitude is positive … and all this with her hip concerns, raising two wonderfully talented daughters, who she parents with her fine husband Dave – an amazing family.  Anyway, 8 rehearsals to opening night on July 5.

As for me…am I ‘OFF BOOK” yet?  No, that’s not where I am yet – but I am close.  I’ll need a few prompts tonight, and I’ll flub up some of the lyrics in the songs, but I’m on the way.

I’m working on some poems for the state poetry contest, and I also have some photography to send to a local contest.  My goal is to get that all completed this week.  I have found such work to be rewarding and satisfying – especially as I find more and more ways to do things with words and with light.

Wilma and I may head to the lake for the week.  That might just be a good thing – If today’s weather is any indication, we will be packing for the lake by noon and head up there intending to stay awhile.

This week’s photo … SUPER MOON, taken Sunday, June 23 at 11 pm.