Wedding headshots30 years ago on the 18th this week, Wilma and I got married at a nice afternoon service, attended by a good amount of friends and family.  It was a day of music and loving and being together.  The service took just over 30 minutes, officiated by Pastor Bill, music from several good friends and family, followed by a typical Lutheran reception in the church basement.   We then headed for our honeymoon at Cap’n Dee’s Resort, where we spent a week in a little rustic cabin, sharing our first hours together.


Since then, it has been the usual events – buying a house or two, having our two great and wonderful kids, a few pets here and there, buying cars, travel, making new friends along the way, losing a few…. Thirty years allows one experience quite a bit.


We’ve had our tiffs.  We’ve had our loving moments.  We’re no different than any other couple in all those things.  I suppose we’re statistically a pretty ordinary set of married folk.


Yet, we have our distinctions.  Wilma and I taught for 34 years.  We were both raised Lutheran, where we picked up similar musical expectations.  We both have two other siblings.   Wilma is Icelandic/German, I’m a mix of Scandinavian – and a good chunk of our American roots come out of the area around the Minnesota/North Dakota border, around Grafton, Hallock, and Cavalier.


Thirty years.  Two kids.  A full teaching career.  I look forward to what our next adventures will be.



A full week of onstage rehearsals has gotten us this far: we have almost the whole show blocked already.  There are a few songs to choreograph, and one more scene to work through – but we’ll get that tonight, I suspect.  Before rehearsal tonight, Wilma and I are hosting the cast and crew to watch a DVD of the first installment of CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES, just to see how the characters work together…. Then off to the stage for more rehearsal.  This all is going quite rapidly.


Father’s Day, too – had a nice visit with each kid – one from Colorado, the other from New York …. The joy I get from those two is beyond more than I can imagine.  Daughter is married and living in New York with a career that’s exciting (flight nurse on a medical helicopter) and son with his special lady in the foothills of the Rockies… and both have such an amazing life in front of them…..


So this week will have some special moments … anniversary, rehearsal, the afterglow of Father’s Day — we’ll see what else crosses the bow.