A Cultural Event on Friday night – Wilma and I attended the Scandinavian folk music festival opening concert up in Nisswa (The NISSWA STAMMAN).  What a fine display of that kind of music!  Fiddles, accordions, nyckelharpas, singing, and a good time.  The event has been going for 14 years now, and has grown into quite the summer event around here.  Here’s a bit of info for you to check out … http://www.nisswastamman.org/

I have had it up to here with rain and clouds.  Up to here, and then up to here, here and even here.  We’re supposed to get into the 70s today, which should last for several days.  Let’s hope that summer has actually hit upon the idea that it is ITS turn to face the world.

I did get out on the pontoon to do some fishing.  Everything worked like it was supposed to – the depth finder was accurate, the GPS (a MAGELLAN) that I got back in 2002 – its my exclusive fishing GPS that finds me such fishing spots on the lake like the DISH, THE YELLOW, the FLATS, the VILLWOCK HOLE (named for the fact that it is directly out in front of the home of G. and L. Villwock, who I used to teach with…) and other such gems of fishing spots.  Unfortunately, I am not a very successful fisherman – I just don’t have the touch for finding fish, but I do like getting out on the water and giving it a try…. .today’s action of 1 ½ hours of work?  I boated one whole little sunfish.

I took several pictures as birds as I sat in the yard at the lake…. Red wing blackbirds, chickadees, orioles – but the feature of the day was seeing a Broadwing Hawk fly over – managed to get a few shots of it as it flew over, about 60 feet up.


I also got more perennials put in – Wilma and I cleared a spot by the shed and put in some bleeding hearts and a columbine.  That should jazz up the place.

Rehearsals for CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES II; A SECOND HELPING are so very good.  We finished our musical rehearsals, and tonight we start in on blocking the action on stage.  I find I relish the work of rehearsals – the drill of going over the hard parts, the camaraderie, the feeling of accomplishing something together – I just know that it will be a good production…..


(Wilma, Dana, Janis and Kate, seen above)

The cast, you may ask?  I play the pastor – we never do find out his name.  Wilma is Vivian, the matriarch of the church basement, and KateP is Karin…. we three did these roles 2 years ago when we did the first Church Basement Ladies… adding to the cast is Janis B, a good friend of ours – but we haven’t been onstage with her since we did FIDDLER ON THE ROOF in 1984 …. She plays Mavis… and then there’s DanaG, who plays Karin’s daughter Beverly – Dana is rather special to me, since she’s a former student from Pillager – she was in the first one act play I directed – and she had proven to be a hard worker, a talented singer, and a quick learner.

This is gonna be a good show folks.  Call for tickets as soon as you can…. It will sell out quickly.

So on to another week of June … and I hope beyond everything meteorlogical that the forecasts for 70 degree weather is going to be  fact.