We started this week with the stunning news that MicheleBachman had announced that she was not running for congress.  Well, knock me over with a dead fish!  She had already been on TV with ads for the election, much to my dismay (and I’m not even in her district).  So this news was even worthy of national import on all the news networks.  Can you beat that?


Well, apparently, you can.  Bachman’s opponent from 2012, Jim Graves, also announced that he was withdrawing from the campaign, stating that his goal of removing Michele Bachman from office had been accomplished.  Suddenly, we have a wide open congressional district in Minnesota.  The whole affair was fun to watch unfold.


Where is the sun?  We had a nice morning’s worth of sun yesterday, and a nice day on Saturday, but that’s been it.  Rain.  Clouds.  Coolness. Wind.  I WANT THE SUN OUT.


Weather didn’t allow us to get on the pontoon until late in the week – and that bugger of a boat had been stubborn over the last few years when it came to getting it started.  We’ve had a mechanic take a look at it… we’ve put stuff in the gas.  It came down to almost always having to take off the cowl of the engine, fiddle with the fuel linkage, replace the cowl, and start the engine.


I am glad to report that after only one cowl removal, the engine started after having sat all winter – oh, it was a putteringly slow start, but it started.  Lift the bar, turn the key, push the primer and listen to the chitty whizzy chinga sounds.  Nothing at first, and then a halting sput – and then more halting sputs with each turn of the key … and finally a chugger bugger puts whiff chirr zigmzgimzgim blup plut plut plut… and rpms start rising.  Eventually the engine warms up enough and starts running the way it should … so Wilma and I back out and head for a virgin cruise of 2013.  I back out, turn the boat to the south, and slowly advance the throttle.  We cross into the deeper water, take some gentle turns, and end up making a large circle, coming back to the boat lift.  Back on we go, kill the engine, raise the lift, and conclude our first ride of the year with a successful grin our on face.


Our daughter sent us a flag of her husband’s military unit for us to display at the lake.  I put a flagpole up a few years ago – and this spring as we were preparing the place for the season, Wilma noticed a Minnesota flag that flew below an American flag at the neighbor’s place.  Her idea?  See if we could get a flag from our son-in-law’s unit.  And there it is! 


Sunday morning we sang in church with the choir.  Pretty routine really, not all that unusual.  As always, though, some of us went out for breakfast at a local bagel shop.  I cannot say how nice it is to spend time with these people that we’ve gotten to know voer the years.  They are a special group… we have talked politics of all levels.  We have talked church gossip.  We have talked diseases.  We have talked education.  We have talked about the arts.  I truly believe we add a great deal to each other in these post-church sessions, and I thank God for them.


We are on our last week of music rehearsals for the play.  Our last cast member is now present, having arrived from Oklahoma last week (yes, THAT Oklahoma of the tornado news….).  The music is coming along well – and last night we saw the set, almost totally in place.  Here comes the show!


So bring on the sun – however, forecasts are for drippy days through Friday.  I’m not hopeful…. But nonetheless, BRING ON THE SUN.