And so we start the week with rain, and end with clouds and cold.  Where in the name of anything meteorological is the summer weather?


We’ve had a good start of rehearsals for CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES II: A SECOND HELPING … all music so far, and I have a nice song.  The difference between this show and the first one: a few more touching moments, and maybe not as funny.  The songs are better this time, too, I think.  The show is being  produced by the Pequot Lakes Community Theatre, but due to construction, it is going to run at the Chalberg Theatre at Central Lakes College in Brainerd.

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Wilma and I headed over to Aitkin on Friday – we heard tell of a ‘going out of business sale’ at a hardware store.  We picked up a few things, but nothing fancy at all.  On the way out of town, we stopped at the unclaimed freight store there – the big score was a cordless weedwacker… no more cord stretching across the yard!  SCORE.


Earlier this year, Wilma and I joined a current events discussion group called GREAT DECISIONS.  We meet once a month for 9 months on topics of world interest – the first one covered information about the Euro.  This week is was about Egypt.  I sure am learning a great deal about that part of the world.


I hosted the Men’s Bible Study group out at the lake place on Wednesday.  It was nice to sit in that atmosphere and share our thoughts about the Bible verses for the upcoming Sunday service – and it is SUCH a good group of guys….


Saturday found us up at the lake, finally putting in the docks.  Our lake association has over 35 members, so putting in the docks is quite the undertaking: 300 feet of dock, 30 lifts, and all the accompanying slips that come with it… then there’s launching the boats – well, we have a pontoon boat, and with the wind we had, it was impossible to just walk out the boat from the landing, get it around the dock (remember – 300 feet out – and yes, the water IS shallow that far out….) and then get it into the lift.  Got it done with some help – and thank God there was help.


Lots of tragedy in the country.  Tornados have always scared the bezonkers out of me – It is sort of like wanting to see a car accident for me – I want to experience one, but I don’t want to be there when it happens.


Leave us hope for some warm weather.  I have plants to put in the ground – and some fish to catch.  Please!