In our efforts to celebrate the meaning of MEMORIAL DAY, let us remember something that makes such honors in the United States of America a great deal different than so many other countries….


It seems to me that here in our country, we honor the ‘ordinary’ soldier above all.  We honor the common man and woman who threw themselves in front the enemy – any enemy.  We honor GI JOE, ROSIE the RIVETER, the veterans who in their private lives were grocers, railway men, teachers, doctors, sons, fathers, daughters, mailmen, office workers, factory hands … that list goes on.


We honor those who died in wars across the world – there are not many countries that came to the fore like the United States did in so many cases of war.  Americans died on almost every continent for causes they maybe hadn’t heard of nor understood. 


Oh, we have our statues to the generals, and presidential libraries.  It seems to me that that is where other countries seem to stop – I don’t know that for a fact, but that is my feeling.  Maybe they have their memorials for their soldiers – I suspect they do, but like I said, not many countries can say they served so globally and so universally as the soldiers of the American Armed Services.


So, to those who served, those who died, those who sacrificed limbs, we thank you.  Let us remember to pass these memorials on into the future.