I’ve been around since 1953.  Every president has had his alleged faults about them.  Eisenhower was a military man.  Kennedy was denigrated at times for being Catholic, even considered unelectable because of that.  Johnson was a war hawk. Nixon was a crook.  Carter didn’t have a clue.  Reagan, especially in his last years, didn’t seem to have a clue.  Bush I didn’t get a chance.  Clinton was horny.  Bush II was misled by the people around him.  Obama is a socialist.  For some folks, these statements are how they felt.  For others, these statements were myths of varying degrees.

I see no benefit in the slams we’ve seen over especially the last two administrations.  I was not a Bush supporter, but I was still bothered by the highly focused diatribes that came at him.   I think I actually called out a few people about the cheap shots taken at him.  As for Obama, I had thought perhaps he’d offer something new.  He hasn’t, not for me. But I do not see the benefit in the slams and cheap shots directed at him.  I have disagreed with those folks at times, too.

Why so much denigration of these past two administrations?  The explosion of internet, I fear.  It has allowed us to vent feelings like never before – and almost in an anonymous way…. And like so many vents, some of them have no filters, causing pollution that we just don’t need.

I’ve said this before in other ways here… and I’m saying it again.  Internet will not filter you– and your friends who read what you share will not necessarily see the real YOU about all this.  “Sharing’ stuff therefore is risky – it would be better for you to sit down, write out your thoughts, edit them clearly, and then put them out there, and by all means take credit for what you write.

You know what?  No president has been perfect.  No president has had a corner on honesty and integrity.  No president made everyone happy.  Not Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, Hoover, Wilson, Taylor, Fillmore, Adams.

Like I said, I’ve been around since Eisenhower.  I wasn’t really aware of our presidents as individuals until I was old enough to be aware of the Nixon administration.  I have a few that I liked, I have a few that I wished would go away quicker than they did.

You know what again?  I would be highly honored to shake the hand of any person who has served in the office of president.  Any of them.  Any of them.  Eisenhower to Obama.  The ones I admired, the ones I didn’t.  The ones that I learned to admire later, and the ones that I learned to question later.

Any of them.