So let’s get the ordinary out of the way.  Bowling is over for the year with a mediocre performance at the city tournament.  It was fun, though to have a cheering section.  Wilma was there for me, and there were a few other family members from my other team members, and they really got into it.  So bowling will now become an occasional activity until the fall, when we start up again…


Due to sagging eyelids, which run in the family, I will be getting an eyelid lift sometime this summer.  Date to be determined based on insurance pre-approval and a few other factors…. Including the following:


Wilma and I have been cast in CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES: A SECOND HELPING.  The show will run the first two weekend of July.  She’ll be Mrs.Snustad again, and I’ll be the pastor.  We really enjoyed doing the first edition of that show, so this one should be equally fun.


Friday I headed down to visit my college roommate Dave.  He and I spent 3 years together in the same college dorm and also played in the wind band and jazz band at our college.  We’ve kept in touch over the years, but this was really the first time he and I had time to spend together.  We went down memory lane some, communed over meals, and took a few walks around town…. Which was hard for him.


You see, he has Parkinson’s disease.  He takes his meds on a very firm schedule.  He’s doing what he can to cope with the disease… but as I know Dave so well, that’s all not good enough.  He is determined to find more than just a standard approach to working with the disease.  In our talks, I shared with him that I had found a certain kind of treatment that maybe he hadn’t heard of … and he hadn’t.  Let me tell you, the more we talked about it and the more we looked at it, WOW.  Here’s a YouTube that shows what this did for a lady with MS….


Anyway, Dave and I had a good visit.  I hope we can do it again soon.

Wilma and I spent some time up at the lake today.. there is STILL ICE on the lake so we can’t put any docks in… and we’re well past the usual time to do so… maybe more later… 05 06 lake 03




And maybe .. oh please God, maybe… the weather has broken.  No more freezes, please… no more snow storms, please… and PLEASE more of the 70 degree weather we had today….