The week started innocently enough with the standard chores… and then Wilma and I ended with a great pair of artistic events that deserve mention – so let’s go to those first.


Thursday night found us heading to the theatre at  Central Lakes  College here in town to see THE GLASS MENAGERIE.  We were treated to one of the best shows we’ve ever seen there.   The play was produced in the ‘black box’ there, giving interesting angles to all.  The crowd was small, but they saw a show filled with a cast (of just 4) that brought their characters to life in full dimensions.  Laura Busch brought the role of AMANDA to life, complete with those Tennessee Williams ‘Charmer of the South’ characteristics that are so vital to his plays.  Kevin Yeager served so very well as Tom/Narrator.  Linda Nichols played the very mousy and dis-spirited Laura.  Mitch Dallman was the gentleman caller, complete with the bravado of being Tom’s good buddy to the sensitivity needed to interact with the shy Laura.  The cool thing: Kevin and Mitch were cast members with me in A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM … and then add Linda to Kevin and Mitch – the four of us were in ANNE FRANK together last fall… and as far as Ms. Busch, she was MOLLY in THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN back in my very first pit orchestra work in 1979 at the college here in town….


Friday night found us attending a free concert: the UNIVERSITY SINGERS of the University of Minnesota.  It was a small audience, (mostly because it was the first nice evening) – but what a FINE choir!  They did an entire program of art songs written for choir- so we heard pieces by Brahms, Britten, Lauridsen, Barnett – and ending with that good old Moses Hogan arrangement of Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho… such a GREAT evening!


Ah yes, and then there’s Friday morning.  Wilma came out of the bathroom with the shower handle in her hand – so time to call our favorite plumber Tim to come and take care of it.  The whole shaft broke off into the valve, and fortunately, he was able to replace the part in 30 minutes…. It could have been really ugly.


This past weekend is our traditional opening and ‘docks in day’ at our lake association – but no, not with most of the yards in the place covered with snow – and 20 inches of ice still on the lake…. We’re looking at probably two more weeks before we do all that work.


I went to the Pillager school Green House Plant sale… and got some annuals, some perennials, and some amazingly strong tomato plants that already have their blossoms on them…. Always money well spent when I go there.


So next week … maybe we’ll have some preliminary work done at the lake – and who knows what other fun stuff will cross our paths.