Across our country

In our country’s capital

At the St. Louis Archway

Or the Golden Gate Bridge

Old friends meet with a firm handshake and the words

“Glad to see you!”


In the Norwegian fjords around

Bergen or Oslo

High in the mountains or

Along the seacoast, that handshake comes with

“Glad å se deg!”


In the depths of Old Europe,

Along the Slovenian borders

Among the church architecture

And medieval feel of the culture,

Handshakes come with a hearty

“rád tě vidím”


At the Great Wall of China

All along its length

Asians and Caucasians alike take in the view

And hail to each other across the sides



In the tropics of the Indonesian peninsula

Near Buddhist Temples and in the jungle climes

On the beaches where the tourists tan in the sun

Hands wave with a gracious

“senang melihat Anda”


All around the world

North to south, east to west,

Land to water, culture to culture

Languages may separate us in some ways,

But there is something that will say the same

Whether you use a kilometer or a mile

With no voice at all, or inflection of sound

We share a warm, friendly smile.